Barcelona World Race 2015 Finished

Finally, my chance to get some proper sleep again: The 2015 edition of the Barcelona World Race has come to an end. With the winners having crossed the finish line on 25. March already, the last boat has now also returned to Barcelona.

Barcelona World Race - Cheminées Poujoulat (c Thierry Martinez)
Barcelona World Race – Cheminées Poujoulat (c Thierry Martinez)

Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam made it a quick one: It took them only 84 days to race around the world on their Open 60 Cheminées Poujoulat. Five days later Neutrogena (Guillermo Altadill, José Munoz) arrived in second place, joined two days later by GAES Centros Auditivos (Anna Corbella, Gerard Marín).

Out of the initial eight starters seven managed to finish the race. The only one not having made it back is the team of Hugo Boss (Alex Thomson, Pepe Ribes). Their Open 60 got dismasted just after two weeks into the race – being in the lead.

Joerg Riechers’ big disappointment

Barcelona World Race - Renault Captur (c Gilles Martin-Raget)
Barcelona World Race – Renault Captur (c Gilles Martin-Raget)

Joerg Riechers, skipper on Renault Captur, was happy and disappointed at the same time. Happy to have completed his first round the world race, for gaining lots of experience and self-confidence to get him ready for a potential start in the next Vendée Globe. Disappointed because his boat, the chartered Renault Captur, continuously challenged him and his companion Sébastien Audigane with technical problems. Joerg must also have been seriously frustrated to see Cheminées Poujoulat speeding off at the front – this was the boat he had cut in half, re-built and optimised for this race before his old sponsor withdrew from his engagement and the boat had to be sold.

After a technical stopover in New Zealand Joerg and Sébastien lost touch to the leading boats. The delay also meant they were the only ones who had to cope with a heavy storm when rounding Cape Horn. Wind reaching 70 knots and waves up to 10 meters meant sailing for survival instead of chasing the boats in front.

Despite the length and duration of the Barcelona World Race, there were some very interesting long-running one-on-one fights going on. Anna Corbella, the only woman in the race, and Gerard Marín came in third after having given the team of Neutrogena a hard time with continuously chasing them for weeks. Similar, and a lot closer, was the race for no. 4, where the team of One Planet, One Ocean / Pharmaton managed to finish eighteen hours before the Garcia-brothers on their We Are Water Open 60.

Final ranking

The final ranking of the Barcelona World Race 2015:

1. Cheminées Poujoulat (Bernard Stamm, Jean Le Cam) (84d 05h 50min 25s)
2. Neutrogena (Guillermo Altadill, José Munoz) (89d 11h 47min 00s)
3. GAES Centros Auditivos (Anna Corbella, Gerard Marín) (91d 05h 09min 28s)
4. One Planet, One Ocean / Pharmaton (Aleix Gelabert, Dídac Costa) (98d 09h 12min 09s)
5. We Are Water (Bruno Garcia, Willy Garcia) (99d 03h 06min 28s)
6. Renault Captur (Jörg Riechers, Sébastien Audigane) (105d 23h 35min 22s)
7. Spirit Of Hungary (Nandor Fa, Conrad Colman) (110d 10h 59min 40s)
RET. Hugo Boss (Alex Thomson, Pepe Ribes)

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