Can Football Save The Oceans?

Save the oceans? Football? You will very likely think that I have gone completely bonkers. But… Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have joined the mission to clean up the oceans.

Xabi Alonso, Bayern Munich, for the oceans (c adidas)
Xabi Alonso, Bayern Munich, for the oceans (c adidas)

It was two days ago when I heard that FC Bayern Munich will play this week’s Bundesliga match against TSG Hoffenheim in shirts made of ocean plastic. As I was absolutely surprised by this I wanted more background information and powered up my laptop. What did I find? Not only Bayern Munich was going to wear those adidas x Parley shirts, but also Real Madrid in one of their upcoming matches.

Little (ok, nothing!) did I know of all that. So, what’s the background and aim of that one-off ocean plastics kit hype? What has made those clubs support the quest to save the oceans? Continue reading “Can Football Save The Oceans?”

Wales vs Belgium And A Long Weekend Tour

Wales vs Belgium: show just before gameThe Euro 2016 (football) in France is history, and I went on a long weekend tour to watch one of the games. And lucky we had been indeed: we saw one of the best games of that tournament live, Wales vs Belgium in Lille. Without knowing who might play on that quarter final we bought the tickets beginning of the year. A good idea it was indeed, same as to not travel for the game only but to go for a long weekend tour.

wet and rainy but bbq up and running
wet and rainy but bbq up and running

Chap no. 1 picked me up on Thursday afternoon, and after a “let’s get going” espresso we set off for the long weekend tour. On our way to Ghent we stopped in Osnabrueck and picked up chap no. 3 (having arrived by train from Berlin). The remaining drive passed rather quickly. The main concern for the day: Will the camping site still be opened when we arrive or will we need to camp outside?

The real reason behind that question was not concerning toilets or shower. It was rather electricity for keeping the beers refreshingly cool that worried us. It’s all a question of priorities.

Just 15 minutes after a wonderfully charming and relaxed welcome by the receptionist at Ghent Blaarmeersen Camping we had our barbecue up and running – late check-in, late dinner.

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