Five Things Not To Forget When Photographing In Winter

canoe walkway partly frozen
canoe walkway partly frozen

Take your camera along when going outside, a few dozen shots should always be possible, play around with settings, click again – we all know what to expect and what to do. Unless, of course, you decide (like I did) to take some wonderful winter photographs. Minus six outside, wind blowing with force 4, and it all felt a bit like the Arctic.

My little photo shooting session took place in Kiel, one of the canals having been my choice of location. There was not really any snow around, temperatures were below zero and the wind would have been lovely for a sailing tour – but not so on that specific morning. I don’t know what the wind chill factor for that morning had been, and I must say that I am used to (dry) cold outside. This, however, felt pretty bad. Continue reading “Five Things Not To Forget When Photographing In Winter”

The Magic Of A Sunset

sunset on SyltSunsets are magical (at least for me, that is). No matter where I manage to see them they are always fantastic to watch. Although it could be said that it is the same stuff every night I find each sunset to be a unique experience.

In the mountains, on the beach, in a city park with the skyline in the background, on a yacht while anchoring, in front of a tent camping in the middle of nowhere – sunsets are everywhere. My photographic skills do not really allow me (yet) to capture each one the same or even similar to what my eyes are actually seeing, but I am getting there (I hope). Continue reading “The Magic Of A Sunset”

Tired Of My One Percent Success Rate

fishing boat dragged ashore on RuegenIf there is one thing that really cheeses me off then it is keeping on trying and not making any decent progress. For the last ten months this has been the case with my Nikon D3200 – success rate of excellent shots below the 1% mark. Now I give up, I’ll get some books and do this properly.

I am, despite the intro to this post, still convinced that the Nikon D3200 is a fantastic camera to get into digital photography. Being a very analytical person (usually), I sat down the last couple of days and made some notes on why I was not that happy with the results of my photo shooting sessions. “Not that happy” is a major understatement, I am more than seriously annoyed. What happened? Continue reading “Tired Of My One Percent Success Rate”

Cameras Used So Far

Apart from all the text on this website quite a few pictures can be viewed in the various articles. Various folks have asked me repeatedly which cameras I have used. Also, what were the detailed settings, what about the lens, why have you not used a flash, etc. Here is a brief list that will hopefully answer the very basic question of which cameras I have used. As I am not a professional photographer, I do hope the disappointment regarding the below is not too big. Continue reading “Cameras Used So Far”