Sailing Rebels Leave Cancer Astern

wonderful sea and waves (
wonderful sea and waves (

After a successful cancer therapy the true challenge for many is to properly re-start their life again. Goal of the Sailing Rebels is to recharge batteries, build up mental strength and increase self-confidence for young adults with or post cancer. Their straightforward motto: f*ck cancer, go sailing.

Marc Naumann has been through it twice, his brain tumor is now hopefully gone for good. Despite chemotherapy having knocked him about heavily he finished his law studies – and is currently working as a skipper. He has set up an organization called Segelrebellen (Sailing Rebels), and this is their concept. Continue reading “Sailing Rebels Leave Cancer Astern”

sunshine4kids – Fleet Of Hope

To quite a few kids life has shown its merciless, dark side already. An organization called “sunshine4kids” aims to bring a bit of hope (and sunshine) back into their lifes.

sunshine4kids - dancing on the beachOne or both parents dead, themselves or their siblings fatally ill, abused in the past, parents drug addicts, the list could go on. Some kids have experienced and lived through extremely negative events during their first years on this planet. The effect this might have had on their personality I can only try to imagine.

sunshine4kids wants to bring back to those young ones self-confidence, hope and smiles. They try to distract them from their day-to-day environment, team them up with kids with a similar background. Also, engage them in a slightly challenging outdoor activity. This is the main plan and idea behind an organization called sunshine4kids.

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