Hi there,

what is this blog all about? To phrase it short and simple: Being active outside. I write about all sorts of outdoor stuff that I either do myself or can relate to very closely. And, an immensely important information for lots of people visiting this site:

This is not a blog about extreme adventures.

It is about being active outside, enjoying the beauty of nature and and trying to show you how easy it is to go out there and simply do it.

And if I can do it, you can do it!!

It is not my intention to talk about my very personal experiences and activities only. Some other folks have already written guest posts here on Active Outside, and I would certainly love to publish YOUR story or article as well. If you would like to write some lines about your activities in mother nature and have some nice pictures to go with it, then please feel free to contact me.

My favourite outside activities and topics for this blog:

The absolute top activities are
and writing about Oceans & Environment (i.e. plastic pollution, waste in oceans and the like).

There are, of course, other activities which I indulge in occasionally (like cycling, swimming, running, camping, canoeing). However, my main pleasure and the biggest fun (for me) is with those listed above.


About – You

What about your outside activities?

This is not all about me, it’s about YOU as well! You are the one having come along here, and I would very gladly write articles that meet your interests. Let me know which kind of information (or entertainment) you are after, I will gladly pick up your feedback.

You love to get away from the city-noise and daily rat race? You cannot wait for your next weekend out in the green or on the water? Sounds pretty good and very logical to me.

To sweeten the time until you manage to ‘get out there’ again – and to possibly increase your desire to do that a lot sooner than initially planned – please feel free to roam around this blog.

The main menu on top of the page will direct you to my heart and soul topics, especially everything related to sailing, the environmental situation of our oceans and my projects for Active Outside.


About – Me

Lucky you – I won’t bore you with the details of early childhood or business related topics. As a large part of Active Outside is about sailing, I will give a very brief intro to my sailing history:

I grew up on a farm in Northern Bavaria, and the word “sailing” was not part of our active linguistic usage. Only when a girl from Flensburg (located directly at the Baltic Sea) turned up in my life did I get my first taste of “open water”. One day it just happened: looking at the water was not enough any longer. I wanted to be on it (on the water, not in the water…).

relax in the sunshine while sailingThe sailing kick-off was with an introductory course on a yacht. After that one week I did not have a clue what sailing was all about. Only a year later did I understand how wind, tiller, sheets and so on work together. Sudden enlightenment? No, it was during a dinghy sailing course😉 Since then I have sailed on all kind of boats, and I would still prefer most smaller boats over larger yachts. Not surprisingly, my folks and friends back in Northern Bavaria still keep wondering what has become of me.

I love the agility of dinghies as well as the safety of yachts, and have now fallen for the Classe Mini… In February 2016 I have bought Classe Mini 732, now named “mini doc”. Up until the end of the Mini Transat 2017 Lina Rixgens will be sailing her, then it will be my turn. Sailing, I mean, not necessarily the Mini Transat.

Spending time outside is something I value highly. Be it sailing, hiking, cycling, canoeing or camping. As long as I am outside in a quiet and close to nature environment I am more than just fine.


No need to check the website for updates – I will keep you informed!

Finally, one last paragraph… I have set up a couple of different mailing lists.

Why several mailing lists?

I understand that the topics I write about are of interest to quite a few people. To be more precise: sailing is to one group of people, hiking to another and looking after our oceans raises the interest of a third group. I will gladly send you all new posts related to a certain topic, and you can choose which ones you would like to receive – see below as part of the subscription form. If it is all of them, fanastic, if one of them, fantastic as well.

And a big YES, this service is for free. It is for free now, and it will also be in future.

Thanks for passing by, have a wonderful day & talk to you soon!