All You Need To Know About Celestial Navigation

When thinking about celestial navigation, the very first thing coming to my mind is a sextant. There is, however, a whole lot more to it than just that. Viki Moore has put together an awesome series of articles on everything related to celestial navigation.

Viki wants to sail around the world. If there is one sailor qualified to do so, then it is her. She has more nautical miles in her sailing books than most sailors I know. Right now, she is studying for her RYA Ocean Yachtmaster exam – and for her, one way to learn all the stuff required is to write it down neatly. Plus, share it with lots of other folks worldwide.

This she has done also for celestial navigation.

Why is celestial navigation required in the 21st century?

Whenever you leave the shores for places where you can see absolutely nothing but water, then finding the right way might be a bit tricky. With GPS being around it is not that difficult nowadays. However, electronic failure, GPS shutdown or satellites being eaten by aliens might make things complicated. That’s where celestial navigation comes in. And Viki.

To get a qualified overview of what celestial navigation is all about Viki has written a fantastic summary. Not only does she briefly explain the various topics involved, she also links to her detailed sailing and navigation posts for more in-depth reading.

Here comes a question for you, and I would love to hear an honest answer: Have you read some or all of Viki’s posts, and if yes, how often did you have to re-read certain sections? I certainly had reached my limits both from a sailing as well as English perspective. Nonetheless, are you thinking about getting into celestial navigation? I would absolutely recommend Viki’s posts to get a more than sound understanding of what it is all about.

Just in case: If you are wondering whether Viki might be the ideal person to run a seminar or give some training, it would help if you lived in New Zealand… 😉

Enjoy reading Viki’s posts and blog!

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