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Arrived: Lina Has Completed The Mini Transat

Lina Rixgens has completed the Mini Transat!

arrival Lina Rixgens Mini Transat - 4

She crossed the finishing line on Sunday afternoon. And now, I guess, very big compliments and an even bigger party are due.

This is going to be a very short post…

She’s done it. Lina has completed the Mini Transat. Her big dream, THE objective and goal of the last years has been achieved.

Congratulations Lina, absolutely well done, this is a fantastic achievement!!

arrival Lina Rixgens Mini Transat - 1

Even for me, supporting her project only marginally (time-wise), this feels more than wonderful. Completed the Mini Transat!! This is BIG!! And you know what? Just have a look at her, her smile, her eyes, especially during the interview in the video. Is that “simply” happiness? Or something much more than that?

Whatever it is, I can hardly believe that it is all over now (or at least very close to it). So much has happened, Lina has overcome so many obstacles, and she’s done it. She is now the first German woman to have completed the Mini Transat – wow.

Enough writing for today, enjoy the pictures and the video. The video below has been published by Mini Transat La Boulangère, the pictures in this post have been taken by Lina’s dad, Franz Rixgens.

More reading material on how Lina has run her campaign and completed the Mini Transat:

To read more about Lina’s big dream and how it all developed, check out
Lina’s website
articles here on Active Outside.

arrival Lina Rixgens Mini Transat - 3

arrival Lina Rixgens Mini Transat - 2

3 thoughts on “Arrived: Lina Has Completed The Mini Transat

    1. I’ll ask a Royal Mail postman to deliver it… 😉

      No, it will be loaded onto a large cargo ship and with lots of other Classe Mini boats transported back to La Rochelle. It should arrive round about Christmas, then I’ll get it craned onto the boat trailer and drive it to Northern Germany and the Baltic Sea. At least that’s the plan 😉

      If (a big IF) I ever get enough time I’d love to sail to Britain, maybe round it, but that’s very likely in years to come. For next year, it’s Baltic Sea only.

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