crazy4sailing – What About You?

crazy4sailing is not something I have made up (although I clearly am crazy for it). It is a wonderful combination of a couple of words. It is a state of mind. It is the problem of many spouses. And it is a pretty cool brand.

beautiful sunset at anchorage in Sejerø

Quite a while ago I have published a post on “Why do you like sailing“? This article has created lots of amazing responses, be it in the comments, emails sent directly to me as well as feedback on Google+ and Facebook. The range of thoughts was vast, mainly going in the direction of
– freedom
– peace of mind
– be focused (nothing else matters).

Are you a sailor?

Then you might recognise one of the following situations:

When going for a walk, you check out wind direction and start smiling because after the next turn it will be “downwind walking”. Warmer, faster, less heeling.

Just before starting your canoe tour, you impress your friends with a couple of nicely made, rock solid and yet easy to loosen knots. Boxes and bags with food, drinks, clothes and other stuff won’t fall overboard. And you even teach them how to properly tie the canoe to a nearby tree so it won’t float away on its own.

Finally, once the weather forecast is shown after the news, you have to force yourself to not talk to your family about those upcoming perfect sailing days.

Does this sound familiar?

So, crazy4sailing is all I can say. Do you have similar “problems” with daily life and sailing?

Big surprise – my new sailing gloves

crazy4sailing competition green sailing glove (c

Andreas Deubel, a Hamburg-based Classe Mini sailor, will sail the Mini Transat 2017. In one of his posts he “liked” the picture of some sailing gloves. Actually, it was just one glove, and it was the one in this picture here.

I could not resist but comment, and asked whether this was the starboard glove and if red was the colour of the other one (portside). Two days later: “congratulations to Hubert who has won a new pair of sailing gloves!”. Ehm, what?

Checking the post again I realised that with my comment I took part in a competition just before Christmas. And guess what? I was lucky enough to have won the sailing gloves. This so perfectly fits in with my plans to do a lot more sailing this year – thanks!

crazy4sailing – who and what is it?

The brand having produced those sailing gloves is crazy4sailing, or c4s. Honestly, that is their name! (by the way, this is not a promotional post and I do not get paid by crazy4sailing, still I would like to briefly talk about them. And I love that company name…)

crazy4sailing - Dry Bags Ripstop All Colours (c
crazy4sailing – Dry Bags Ripstop All Colours (c

cazy4sailing is based in Hamburg, so ideally located for any kind of water related business (or sailing around the world). Their current product range includes all sorts of sailing clothes, inshore, coastal and offshore. Sailing gloves, caps, shoes, waterproof bags and other water sport accessories are also part of their range.

Established in 2015, they are a pretty young company – and that not only age-wise. But most of all, the way they communicate, talk about sailing and engage their brand ambassadors is refreshingly different from old school sailing shops.

This year, I definitely need a new offshore sailing outfit. Therefore, looking at the crazy4sailing products is currently my favourite choice. Once I get out onto the water to test the sailing gloves, I will let you know how they performed.

crazy4sailing brand ambassador

crazy4sailing are open for new and “crazy” brand ambassadors. Qualifications needed:
– be a water sports enthusiast
– be a bit crazy: for water, for your sport, for sailing, for doing fun and funny stuff
– have a Facebook account.

Are you interested in becoming a brand ambassador for crazy4sailing? Then simply send them a brief message, ideally via their crazy4sailing Facebook page.

crazy4sailing - comfy bags white (c

By the way: on that Facebook page crazy4sailing run competitions regularly and even non-German speakers should be able to understand and participate 😉  Simply like the page, check out posts with pictures and I hope Google Translate will do its job and help you win some nice gear or outfit. Good luck!!


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