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Final Sponsoring Mini Transat Campaign Lina Rixgens

In a recent post I wrote about Lina and how she is now so close to fulfilling her very big dream: to participate in the Mini Transat. She has been confirmed as a starter, and today I learned that she might miss out due to running out of budget.

Lina Rixgens all smiles on 732 first sailing

The Mini Transat had initially been designed as an alternative to the rich men’s regattas. Small, seaworthy boats, racing across the Atlantic. Lots of improvements by the official body, the Classe Mini, have made the boats very safe, despite their size.

Nowadays, the budget for a “kind of normal” Mini Transat campaign is still close to EUR 100.000. An awful lot of money, especially as usually no big sponsors are involved. And if you are a student, as Lina is, this sum sounds astronomical.

Lina’s campaign is running out of money – how can you help?

Two very simple steps to help Lina:

  1. forward this post to friends, share on social media: we only need 1.000 x 10,-, or 500 x 20,- etc.
  2. if you can help – please help; or if you can think of anyone being able to help Lina, especially with the topics listed below, please comment at the end of this post or send me a message.

The details: What is still missing?

As usual, Lina knows exactly where she stands and what is still required to get her to where she wants to be. This is her list of open items for her Mini Transat campaign:

  • transport of 732 mini doc from Martinique back to France on a cargo ship (fee due by the end of July) (EUR 6.000)
  • check of mast and all rigging (EUR 1.000)
  • three weeks accommodation on Gran Canaria, during the break of the Mini Transat and waiting for the start of the second leg (09.Oct. – 01.Nov.); or maybe you know someone who has an apartment, a house or a spare room on one of the Canary Islands (EUR 800)
  • freeze-dried food for 30 regatta days during the Mini Transat (one meal costs app. 8,-; total app. EUR 500)
  • one week accommodation in Le Marin on Martinique, after completing the Mini Transat and waiting for the boat to be loaded on board a cargo ship (EUR 400)
  • nautical charts for the Mini Transat (EUR 300)
  • one 100W solar panel, as a backup for the fuel cell (environmentally friendly) (EUR 250)
  • methanol for the fuel cell (EUR 200).

What is the easiest way to support Lina?

If you have an accommodation for her, brilliant! Just drop me note and I’ll pass on to Lina immediately.

If you would like to support Lina with a bit of cash, you could

  • use PayPal to send your support right now
  • transfer funds directly to her Mini Transat Campaign bank account (EUR)
  • make a donation to her sailing club (and you will get a donation receipt as well)
  • purchase some advertising space on her boat 732 mini doc, and “Lina Rixgens Ocean Racing UG” will send you an invoice incl. VAT.

Many thanks!

Lina Rixgens Sverre Reinke during Mini Fastnet (c Lina Rixgens)
Lina Rixgens Sverre Reinke during Mini Fastnet (c Lina Rixgens)

Whether you are passing this on to your friends, colleagues, bosses, sports clubs or millions of followers, have an accommodation for Lina or send over some money. Be assured: a big THANK YOU will be on its way to you! From Lina. And from me.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please let me know. It would be a real shame to see Lina fail so close to the start of the Mini Transat.

However, I believe she will set sail on 01. October, and once again a big THANK YOU for whatever your help might be.

Many thanks and have a wonderful day!

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