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Here you go – some free stuff for you!

Well, actually, not really… As I don’t sell anything on this blog, everything is for free anyway. I just could not think of a better name for this page. That’s it.

However, what you can do here is sign up for one (or more) of my mailing lists. Simply fill out the fields below and submit the form. There is nothing else involved. All you will need to do is submit the form, complete the sign-up process and then sit back and relax until an e-mail with new content turns up.

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Yes, that is what this is all about. You do not need to check my website every day to see if I have published something new. I assign a category to each article I write, the categories are listed below. If you sign up for let’s say “sailing”, then you will get all new articles related to sailing – and not the ones for hiking or any other outdoor stuff.

Sounds simple, is simple. And now it is up to you…



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