Getting Back Into Sailing

Life is full of twists and turns, and recently I understood that I needed to get back into sailing. The Sea is my soul-saver, and sailing is my gentle caress for that saviour.

sailing classe mini 732 in light winds
sailing classe mini 732 in light winds

There is one major thing which I’ve learnt from my one-year sailing abstinence. Sounds dramatic, which it is not supposed to, and it is just a simple line:

If there is a fire (or even a tiny flame) burning deep inside your heart, ignoring it might work for a while. One day, however, you’ve got to do something about it, else it will set you afire and destroy you from the inside.

Ok, I knew this all along. And you might say something like “hey, what’s the big deal, simply go sailing and be done with it”.

And you know what? You’re right. In business life, I am convinced that “keep it simple” as well as “just do it” work best. Why have I not used that for sailing? I cannot tell.

Anyway, after having realized the above I started kicking all doubts and questions out of the window. “Get back into sailing”, that’s what I need to do. And that’s what I am going to do.

Back into sailing – the way forward

In the past weeks it was not so much about being on the water physically, but rather occupying my mind with the theoretical part of it. Lots of reading, surfing, researching, talking, listening, brainstorming, planning.


  • Kon Tiki
  • Losing Sight of Shore (not sailing related, but those ladies share the love for the ocean and being on the water)
  • various smaller videos on Mini Transat campaigns


  • Tamata (Bernard Moitessier)
  • The Long Way (Bernard Moitessier)
  • Die See gehört mir (Uwe Rödgering, “The Sea is mine”, with his rather unusual route for sailing around the world, please see picture below)
  • three older books by Wilfried Erdmann (his dinghy sailing tours as well as the non-stop circumnavigations with and against the wind)
  • two books that got published recently but are not really worth talking about

Other stuff to help me get back into sailing

  • list of nautical terms in English (and translation from/to German)
  • re-activated “Active Outside
  • read up on various sailing magazines
  • caught up (and still catching up) with various folks, sailing contacts, etc.,

If you have some valuable additions to the films and books lists, some must-reads / must-sees, please let me know. Preferably in English, as I need to get up to speed with my English nautical vocabulary (and practicing English in general…).

So, it’s all not that project-like right now, I am simply doing things thousands of other sailors are doing as well. Let’s see what this might evolve to, I am indeed looking forward to the journey. Who knows, maybe something will turn up similar to supporting Lina’s Mini Transat Campaign. Or something entirely different. Time will tell.

Uwe Roedgering - Die See gehoert mir - Route Weltumsegelung
Uwe Roedgering – Die See gehoert mir – Route Weltumsegelung

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