Less Than 100 Miles For My walk1000miles Challenge

Ratzeburger See - no boats in late autumn
Ratzeburger See – no boats in late autumn

My walk1000miles challenge is nearing its end. Not rapidly, but I’m getting there. And now I am down to a two digit number of still remaining miles.

When I thought about and started this walk1000miles challenge at the beginning of the year, it had sounded “quite ok” for being a challenge. Back then, I guessed that the main challenge would not be the physical, but rather the time management part. How right I had been back then!

In May I wrote some lines that the “one hour per day” is quite often difficult to achieve. And that meant, of course, each day without some miles would put extra miles (and time, and pressure) on top of the following day(s).

Anyway, now it is less than 100 miles to go for me. I am well ahead of my required daily average to finish by the end of this year. And, most importantly, I am still having fun and am enjoying the time outside.

Around the Ratzeburger See – again

trees falling over in autumn storm 2
trees falling over in autumn storm

Last weekend, Kev from Northampton flew in for a visit, to walk 30km around the Ratzeburger See with me. It was a very entertaining walk, and it felt lots shorter than my first time around it in July.

Weather-wise we were really lucky. After tons of rain in the past weeks, including storms with many trees uprooted, it stayed dry all day. Not too cold, not wet, sometimes even a bit of sunshine – great stuff. Not to forget some nice piece of cake for lunch in Ratzeburg.

Last 100 miles for the walk1000miles challenge

So, the long walk last Sunday pushed my mileage close to 900, and I passed that mark later on in the week. Now I need to walk less than 100 miles – unbelievable, finishing seems so close now…

On an entirely different topic: Also on her last miles is Lina Rixgens. Right now, she has just about 300 miles to sail to finish the Mini Transat. For her, working towards her goal took her more than three years. I can only vaguely try to imagine how she is doing right now. And especially how she will feel once she has passed the finishing line. I’ll let you know in a separate post.


trees falling over in autumn storm 3

trees falling over in autumn storm 1

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