My Organisational Challenge With walk1000miles

1.000 miles – 1.609 kilometres. That’s the distance I want to walk or run in 2017. However, one or the other restriction is supposed to make it a bit more difficult, hence my organisational challenge. It is not supposed to be too easy to accomplish, this is a charity event (or project) and my supporters want to have some fun for their money (meaning: see me struggling).

walk1000miles - brief break in the woodsOk, it is not that bad. Not really. Five months into my walk1000miles challenge I can already say that physically it is not a problem at all (walking, that is; running is indeed a problem). The organisational challenge, which I had anticipated, has now arrived. Bad news. And good news at the same time.

What is the biggest (self-inflicted) restriction?

Well, if every single step were to count, I would probably be very close to 1.000 miles already. But that would have been way too easy. The only steps, metres and miles that count towards the walk1000miles total are the ones I specifically walk or run with my donation project in mind. This means, for example:

  • any kind of city tours, shopping, bringing kids to school do not count
  • neither do distances covered on the way to the office, train station, etc.
  • only those miles get added if I specifically leave the house for my walk1000miles challenge.

Is this nuts? Possibly. Never mind. The most important thing is that donations are coming in.

Become a part of the show

Quite a few supporters are already pushing me on. Do you want to come along for the ride (walk)? Stay up to date and get my monthly updates on my walk1000miles challenge (update page removed after completion of the walk1000miles challenge). And if you can push yourself to support the children’s cancer ward with a donation – you’ll make not only me, but lots of children happy as well!

So, which organisational challenge is there to master?

There is, basically, just one organisational challenge. When do I actually find the time to do something for my walk1000miles project?

Kids, family, customers, projects, sports, regeneration, sleep. All those take up something like 24 hours already. Sometimes even a little more than that. And then I had the idea with the walk1000miles challenge and wanted to collect donations for the UKE children’s cancer ward. That is at least another hour per day, mainly doing walking, admin tasks, communication.

Oh well. Works out perfectly (kind of). Not really.

walk1000miles - lots of rain recently
walk1000miles – lots of rain recently

Every now and then in those past months I thought that things were going well. Clocking up miles, getting fresh air, everything running smoothly. “Which organisational challenge?”, this sometimes crossed my mind. Well, you know what it is like: it crossed my mind, and I got punished immediately.

Just when I managed to be ahead of my daily average, then kids / family / projects demanded more and more attention. Leaving less time for walking, pushing me back into the “red zone”, below my daily average.

At the end of April, I just barely managed to be ahead of my daily average (by 0,3 miles). A lot less than I had intended, however, it proved one thing: it can be done. If I continue to manage and juggle all things like this, I will be able to walk 1.000 miles in addition to all my other daily tasks and duties.

Donations so far

If all supporters stay on board until I reach the 1.000 miles, then the children’s ward of the UKE will receive round about EUR 4.000,- (as of end of May). That is absolutely amazing and by far more than what I had initially anticipated.

However, now that I’ve come that far – especially regarding all the donation promises – I want more.

What can you do? Two simple things:

Support me with a donation per mile.

Pass on the message, blog links, etc., to all the folks you know and ask them to support me as well.


And to see how I get along, check out my tracker (updated regularly).

Suggestions? Feedback?

I am always happy when I get feedback. Whatever it is. If you have suggestions, ideas, improvements, etc. etc., please get in touch with me and let me know.



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