Unplanned Morning Walk

hometown castle - Schloss Ahrensburg (no sun, no snow)
hometown castle – Schloss Ahrensburg (no sun, no snow)

Sometimes, unplanned stuff is pretty good. This is not something I have just learned today.

However, this morning, just before leaving for dropping off the little one at her kindergarten an idea crossed my mind. After waving her Good Bye I would go directly to the library. The time until it opens I could spend having a wake-up morning walk.

Time available: close to two hours.

Morning walk – just do it

During that morning walk, and for the rest of the day basically, I told myself over and over again what a marvellous idea that had been (self-motivation, I guess). And all that, enjoying this wonderful morning walk, despite not having had some essentials with me. Meaning: no “proper” camera (pics here have been taken with my S3 mini), no breakfast, no water, no tea or coffee. No sunshine either on that morning, just to complete the picture.

Still, it was a wonderful walk, extremely good for oxygen uptake and getting some thoughts sorted which had been flying around uncontrollably in my head. In future: more of that, please.

At what times of the day are you out and about?

Which part of the day do you prefer for getting outside?

Also a morning walk? Or rather during day the or in the evening? Or, maybe, are you rather a night-person?

Let me know what you think – I enjoy getting your feedback. And, of course, the pros and cons of a morning walk vs any other part of the day…

trees and water left alone
trees and water left alone
trees and water left alone - some more
trees and water left alone – some more
small stream water overflow
small stream water overflow

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    1. My apologies, estelea, for the very late reply. This is so very true, physical action paired with fresh air is a mixture of simplicity+genius…

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