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It took a fair bit longer than initially anticipated, but just before year-end it was all over. On 27.Dec., I completed mile no. 1000 of my charity walk for the children’s cancer ward of the UKE. Quite a few donations came in, a wonderful purchase is on its way – however, a brief recap first.

Some figures first

1.000 miles are roughly 1.609 kilometres, which is 1.609.000 metres. My watch, specifically bought for this walk1000miles project, calculates and saves all sorts of data, not only the distance captured via GPS. It has estimated the number of steps walked at 2.089.610.

Most of my 1.000 miles, close to 2.1 million steps, I completed wearing my special Hanwag hiking boots. Occasionally I wore different shoes, however, very quickly I missed the stability. Especially at night, when walking along the rather rough and bumpy Ahrensburg pavements, I was in constant danger of twisting my ankle – not with those boots… So, after more than 2.000 kilometres, boots in general plus soles in particular don’t look new but are still in pretty good shape.

The watch also calculated the calories burnt. On average, it was 71 kcal per kilometre. This is a lot less than I thought, but still: with my 1.000 miles I could have burnt 206 bars of Ritter Sport Whole Nut chocolate. Could have. I’m glad that I’ve calculated that just now.

What did I like most?

Despite having lived in Ahrensburg for quite a while now, I still managed to find streets and corners I had never seen before. Now, however, I have walked every single street in Ahrensburg, and also the surrounding woods I know pretty well.

One of the biggest joys have been the replies to my monthly newsletter. Initially I was a bit sceptical, wondering who might be interested in that kind of information. However, the update on mileage, donation amount and the little talk coming with it managed to produce quite a few replies from readers. Many thanks again for that, this has also motivated me greatly!

Last but not least, all the fresh air and exercise was just fantastic. Even though I had some doubts occasionally, especially during continued periods of rain, being outside was simply great. Also, the continuously increasing donation amount made me put on walking shoes, a very good motivation indeed.

What would I change for the next challenge?

My top three items which I would change for any upcoming charity challenge:

It would be a lot shorter (time-wise). An hour every single day, for almost a full year, was, after all, close to “too much”. A future motto would therefore be: short, but very intensive.

Also very important for next time: more advertising! Although I exceeded my initial (secret) donation target of EUR 1.000,-, I am sure a lot more could have been possible. I have not run a marketing campaign in parallel to all the walking, have not contacted newspapers, magazines, not used Social Media, could have written more blog articles, etc. So this would need to be different.

And topic two is also the intro to topic three. I do enjoy managing and completing things on my own. A future campaign, however, would benefit from a larger team, I am sure. Whatever that might mean. Whether the entire team would take part in the challenge and everyone would look after a topic, e.g. marketing, or whether one part of the team would be challenged and the other run the back office – all to be seen in future.

But now, finally: the donation amount for the children’s cancer ward

I have received feedback from the UKE children’s cancer ward about all the donations having come in with “walk1000miles” in the payment details.

Up until 18.01.2018, the total amount stands at EUR 4.638,20!


Update on 24.01.2018, new total amount now: EUR 5.638,20


This is absolutely brilliant, and to all supporters and donators:

Many many thanks for your help, this is FANTASTIC!!


What will the donations be used for?

This was not my idea, but I could not have chosen a better one.

The children’s cancer ward will buy so-called “Strandkoerbe” for the balcony and terrace. I am not sure about the correct English translation, it is something in the way of “roofed wicker beach chairs“. The patients as well as the parents can rest and get some quiet in those chairs. And, as a perfect link to my walk1000miles challenge in the fresh air: those Strandkoerbe give the kids and parents a chance to be outside, protected from the unreliable North German weather.

That was it – end of my challenge

These were the last lines of my walk1000miles challenge for the childrens’ cancer ward of the UKE in Hamburg. Besides a repeated “Thank You!” to all supporters, just one final conclusion:

It was worth it! In every sense.


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