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Lots of other participants use their walk1000miles challenge to collect and donate for a specific charity. All the funds coming in for my miles walked in 2017 I will donate to the children’s cancer ward at the UKE in Hamburg.

walk1000miles for kinder-uke.de (c Kinder UKE)
walk1000miles for kinder-uke.de (c Kinder UKE)

In 2017 I aim to walk (or run) a total of at least 1000 miles. Some background information on this walk1000miles challenge and my reasons for doing it I have talked about in a previous post. This post here is my info-page on donations and how you can participate and help.

Walk for charity – of course!

Having signed up to this challenge beginning of January, the first couple of days were fun simply being outside. Get fresh air, exercise, clock up miles.

But then – doubts started creeping in… Was I to do it just for myself? Simply to stay fit? I don’t need it to get over a major crisis or problem, don’t need it to feel good. So, what has inspired me in the first place to sign up? It was David and his post on Potty Adventures about the walk1000miles for charity.

I still loved the thought of the challenge, and to do some good for a charity made me wonder why I had not thought of it previously. Yes, that’s what it should be!

So here I am, and now the walk1000miles challenge has an additional, the most important motivational goal for me:

collect donations for the children’s cancer ward at the UKE.

What is the UKE? And why the children’s cancer ward?

The UKE (Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, university medical centre in Hamburg) are currently building a new kid’s hospital, emphasis of treatments will be cancer, neurologic illnesses, transplantation of liver, kidney and bone marrow. Within their children’s wards they not only take care about the little patients, but also look after the rest of the family – especially the siblings.

One of our friends’ daughter, Marie, had been diagnosed with leukaemia just after she had turned two. What their entire family has been through is so very different to what we as a family have experienced so far. If you have kids, just think what it would be like when after chemotherapy your kid is not supposed to have exposure to any bacteria – including playing with other kids. As you can imagine, this is an extreme stress test for all family members.

I could imagine donating to many organisations. Children’s cancer is one of the worst things to turn up, I think. Not only during therapy. If all goes well and the kid survives (and heartbreaking it is if it does not), the years after will be overshadowed by many more visits to the hospital. Every new round of colds or flue will give you pains, not knowing what it will do to your kid’s immune system.

How does it work with my walk1000miles for charity?

This is where you are coming into play.

You know what the walk1000miles challenge is all about, you have read about my motivation for the charity. And now:

Support, motivate and power me on with a fixed donation per mile.

This can be any amount starting from 1 cent per mile (equalling approximately 10,- if I finish 2017 with 1000 miles), and – of course – the more the better.

In addition to your support, I will donate 50 cent for each mile walked.

How to support?

Participating and supporting me is easy. Simply send me a message via the contact form or comment at the end of this post, stating how much per mile you would like to donate.

By the way: you can let me know if you have an upper limit, so you won’t get any surprises at the end of the year.

Stay up to date with my progress – track me!

To keep you up to date with my progress, I will update my “tracker-sheet” at least weekly and upload it to the website.

In addition, I will include progress, thoughts and some more information about the walk1000miles challenge in a dedicated walk1000miles newsletter (yes, click here and sign up on the following page (signup page removed after completion of the walk1000miles challenge)).

Donation Receipt (Spendenbescheinigung)

Would you like to have a donation receipt for your support? No problem! For your total amount donated, be it for sponsoring each mile or for a single (larger) donation, the UKE will issue donation receipts. If you need one, simply contact me and I’ll let you know how this process will work best.

Final words for this post

It’s me getting all the exercise and fresh air. You can follow me, push me on, and ideally support me with a donation.

And you know what? You can walk as well! It is easy, just do it!

Many, many thanks for reading right up to the end. Let me know what you think of all the above, and most important of all: Thank You for your support!!

Talk soon,


4 thoughts on “walk1000miles For Charity

  1. Hubert, a worthy cause indeed. You have me inspired as well.

    Liane and i would like to contribute in terms of 1 Euro for each mile you do up to your target of 1,000 miles.

    Way to go!

    1. Hey Hwee-Hong,
      I am not sure how often in those past weeks I felt kind of overwhelmed, many many thanks also to you for your support!
      Looking forward to what your cycling challenge is all about, take care!

  2. Hi. Looks like I can agree to donate by just leaving a message here – happy to donate £10 or 10euros (how do you get the Euro sign on a Uk computer !! ) – which ever is easiest for you. Am sure you will have no trouble completing the task – in fact I would bet I will get a confirmation e mail around about October time. A project delivered ahead of time 🙂

    1. I suppose the EUR-sign has been removed on all UK-computers after the Brexit vote 😉 Many thanks for your support and help, will gladly forward your 10,-.
      Now that you mention it: my very secret personal plan was to finish end of October, latest middle of November with the 1.000 miles. After that, everything else as a bonus 😉
      We might be in England for autumn school holidays, so don’t be surprised if I give you a call and ask for some hiking tips…

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