walk1000miles – My 2017 Challenge

#walk1000miles - 2017 poster
#walk1000miles – 2017 poster

On 03. January I signed up for the 2017-edition of the walk1000miles challenge. A post on the great family hiking site Potty Adventures was so inspiring I simply had to. What is the walk1000miles all about? And will you join as well?

What is the aim of the walk1000miles challenge? Go outside. Walk. Enjoy fresh air. Get closer to nature again. Talk to people instead of messaging.

All you need to do is walk (and record the details of your walk). Be it during lunch-breaks, with the dog, to the pub, to work, for a one-day or a longer hike. As long as you are active outside and are walking, it all counts towards your total mileage covered.

Do whatever you can depending on your fitness level. To achieve the walk1000miles in one year, you will need to cover 2,74 miles per day on average.

There is, of course, a website for the walk1000miles challenge where you can find all the relevant details. It might also be fun to join the very active Facebook-group, simply see what might fit you best. I will very likely be rather quiet about it, continue walking alone (mainly to get all of my thoughts sorted).

What I really like about this challenge: no pressure! As long as you go outside and keep trying, that is a big achievement already.

There is no need to complete the walk1000miles challenge in one go. You could do it, of course, and you would not be the first one to do so. But the thought behind the walk1000miles challenge is a different one: do it in your own time, go outside, get moving.

Why have I signed up for the walk1000miles challenge?

Well… in theory, I do not need any motivational gimmicks like this one. I know I’ll be hiking, running, cycling, sailing a lot throughout the year, spending time outside.

However, I did like the thought of having a 2017-goal which is not too easily achievable. I think if I concentrated on running and walking alone, 1000 miles would not be a problem. The challenge for me will be to integrate it with all my other activities. I know, this is some kind of problem that’s nice to have.

Brief update a couple of days later: additional motivational goal is to support the children’s cancer ward of the UKE, Hamburg. Join my family and friends in supporting with a donation per mile –

read all about how it works, what to do and how much I have collected already.

What will I include in my walk1000miles statistics?

Although every single step outside could count towards my total, I will only add miles done running or hiking. I’ve got no idea whether I can easily achieve those 1000 miles or not. In the past, I have kept a runner’s diary and know how much I would run in a “normal” year (without major competitions). Adding one or the other longer hiking trip, I should be able to complete the walk1000miles.

But for now: I won’t think about the “how” too much. I’ll try to go for longer walks or runs more often than in the past, and towards Spring I will be able to see how it all works out.

What about you?

Have you heard about the walk1000miles challenge? Would you like to join and try it as well?
Remember: no pressure! Every single mile is a great achievement!

Let’s see what we can achieve in 2017.

Enjoy and let’s go outside!

4 thoughts on “walk1000miles – My 2017 Challenge

  1. Hi Hubert

    Sorry for the late reply but am only just starting to get sorted after the house move. I will send an e mail separately and look to sponsor you on your challenge – N.B. whats happened to your tracker 🙂

    1. yep, I think a motivational kick up the backside will be required especially after the summer holidays, moving into autumn and the not so sunny days… but we’ll manage and get it done!

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