Winter Hiking For walk1000miles

Had you told me five years ago that I would happily be doing some winter hiking – “no chance” would have been the answer. Now here I am, clocking up miles. In winter. And (mostly) great fun it is.

Tough winter hiking?

walk1000miles - in freshly fallen snow

Ok, easy stuff, the winter has been really kind so far. No heavy snow storms, no snowbanks, rain and mud not too bad either. It could have been a lot worse the first couple of weeks this year. And that is already the summary for “winter hiking made easy”. Now that I am writing this, I guess one depression after the other will be blown my direction…

Something to celebrate

Now, seriously, the first minor milestone of my walk1000miles challenge has been reached. Yes, total mileage is now in the three-digit area. The “100” on my walk1000miles challenge is history (here you can find the tracker). Last week I have passed that first milestone, and I am ready to tackle the remaining miles.

Big party then, or at least a small celebration?

On one hand, not really. It is only 10% of my overall total.
On the other hand, yes. Despite it being winter right now, I have managed to stay slightly ahead of the daily average (target).

What I don’t like about winter hiking

I have not had any real troubles in the past weeks when going out for a hike or a walk. Dirty trousers, shoes full of mud, snow and water everywhere – minor hiccups. Those don’t really bother me, I am used to our four seasons and I love every single one of them.

walk1000miles - walk in freshly fallen snow
walk1000miles – walk in freshly fallen snow

The one thing, however, that I definitely do not like about winter hiking is the short amount of daylight. Yes, yes, I knew that beforehand. Usually, I do not mind walking around at night, even from one village to the next one. It is very different to hiking during the day. Every time it is like a little adventure – especially when the moon is not out…

Still, hiking in the dark is very slowly annoying me. The good thing is, happy me: every day we will have three more minutes of daylight. This is nothing new, nothing that has been invented recently. I always enjoyed the super long summer nights in Denmark, knew about long winter nights. This year, however, the darkness is something I do get to see (haha) a lot more than in recent years.

What am I talking about?

If you have stumbled across this post by accident – I am going to walk 1000 miles this year. For fun. For me. And I am collecting donations for a children’s cancer ward. It might be easiest if you read up on this on my kick-off summary page.

The start of this all, of this year, of my walk1000miles challenge, has been a good one. I look forward to the remaining 900 miles and all the excitement, challenges and wonders they might bring.

walk1000miles - sunshine in the woods
walk1000miles – sunshine in the woods

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