It Is Not The End, Yet

You might know this one here:

Everything is going to be fine in the end.
If it’s not fine, it’s not the end.

If you start researching who might have said that first, you will stumble upon famous names like Oscar Wilde, John Lennon, Fernando Sabino or Paulo Coelho.

Fact is: I don’t care who came up with that quote, but I like it nonetheless.

Why it is not the end – yet

In summer 2018 I pulled the plug on this blog here, “Active Outside – The Blog” was offline. Numerous reasons made me do this, and for some other and very different reasons I re-activated it again end of October 2019.

After a brief clean-up spell lots of old articles disappeared, I simply deleted them. Only articles related to sailing are now on this blog, and that’s also the main scope which it will cover in future.

This blog is not at its end, I have ideas for quite a few articles, all related to sailing. Be it with dinghies, yachts, minis, personal experience, other sailors, Classe Mini – we will see.

Why it was not fine – yet

After last year’s disappointing sailing season (disappointing because of number of days sailed) I reluctantly and unhappily sold my Mini 732. The decision was right at the time, and in the following months I did not even want to read, hear from or talk about sailing topics.

The end of my sailing life was about to be an unhappy one. Not fine. Definitely not.

So despite tons of reasons against it, sailing is to re-enter my life, it is not the end. Starting steps are the re-activation of this blog, digging in sailing literature and getting up to date on all sorts of sailing topics.

What will come of that?

Who knows. A couple of ideas have emerged recently, I’ll think about and work on them for a while and maybe one of them will make it to the projects lists.

Stay tuned – and don’t miss a thing!

What about your sailing life, has it always been a part of your “normal” life? Or also an on/off experience? Feel free to comment…

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