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Lina Needs To Wait A Little Longer

The (first) wait is over. Today was the day lots of sailors had so eagerly expected. The first version of the Mini Transat 2017 starters’ line-up has been published.

Lina Rixgens has kicked off her Mini Transat CampaignLina Rixgens has successfully passed all qualification requirements for the Mini Transat 2017. She has enrolled on the very first day the list opened, and since then it has been a waiting game. And the wait needs to continue, unfortunately.

Today the organisers of the Mini Transat 2017 published the first version of the official starting line-up. Lina is on position 5 of the waiting list – not ideal and, of course, it would have been better to be a confirmed starter today already. But at least she is on the list at all.

Lina’s wait for the Mini Transat

Up until July 2017 regular updates to the starters’ list will be made, in July it will be the very final update. Withdrawals, injuries, long-term boat repairs still can get Lina Rixgens onto the official starters’ list. Plus, regulations require that a certain percentage of prototype as well as series boats are included. Right now, it looks like in July not all prototype places will be filled, so I guess that the series boat waiting list will fill those vacant starting slots – hopefully at least five of them.

I guess it is not ideal to be on the waiting list, but no. 5 does not sound too bad at all (yes, I am trying to sound positive here).

Lina, sorry to hear that you need to wait a little longer for a final confirmation. However, I am confident that on 01. October next year you will start your big adventure, start the Mini Transat and be on your way to Martinique.

For you folks reading this, here is a wonderful drone powered video of Lina sailing mini doc (apologies, video removed). Have a look, and I am sure you will agree that this is a perfect promotion video for sailing. And for Lina. And for Eike, the professional photographer having not only taken this great video, but also some fantastic photos.


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