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Lina Qualified For Mini Transat 2017

What a year this has been – and now she’s done it. Lina Rixgens just completed all required qualifications to be able to enrol for the Mini Transat 2017.

Lina and Sverre after Mare Nostrum race (c Andres Mata)
Lina and Sverre after Mare Nostrum race (c Andres Mata)

The start of this year’s sailing season was all but ideal for Lina. First race not finished, severe weather meaning most of the race fleet missed the time limit. A flu had Lina down for the second race, start not possible at all. After that, however, she really got going.

1.000nm qualifier

In addition to having successfully completed various regattas (single and double handed) during late spring, summer and autumn, she took a big hurdle back in August: the 1.000nm solo tour qualifier. It was pretty tough sailing, with winds going up to 40 knots. Here is her video from the qualifier, and I am pretty sure that even folks not really into sailing will be giving her the “thumbs up” and wish her all the best for the upcoming season.

(sorry, video has been removed)

Qualification completed after Mini Barcelona

The last Classe Mini regatta of the season was also a big, massive step for Lina. Having completed the “Mini Barcelona”, she wrote to her followers on Facebook:

“Last evening I finished the Mini Barcelona! It’s been a ‘thunderstorm-race’, they were everywhere, kept me awake and the wind away at times. So I needed 7 hours for the last 13 miles!! The rest of the race was quite fast, I had a nice sail along Menorca and even a close battle with a prototype at the finish line, having great fireworks and the skyline of Barcelona as background.
Looking at the ranking, there is still a lot to improve, but for this year I reached my aim: I got my qualification for the Mini Transat 2017!!”

And for that, dear Lina: FANTASTIC!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Ticket for Mini Transat starting line extremely close

mini doc Irish Sea during qualifier (c Lina Rixgens)
mini doc Irish Sea during qualifier (c Lina Rixgens)

What Lina has done and achieved so far is absolutely amazing, I believe. She has changed from a tiny dinghy (Europe) to an Ocean racer, the Classe Mini. Despite little sailing time she managed to get to know mini doc well enough to tackle single handed races as well as the qualifier. Now that she has completed all required qualifications for a Mini Transat there is one major task ahead of her: enrol for the Mini Transat 2017 and get a ticket for the starting line. The “race to get to the race” will start in December, when enrolment opens during the Paris boat show.

mini doc is now back in La Rochelle, and so will be Lina in a couple of weeks’ time. She will pick up intensive training sessions with her training team, and now that the qualification for the Mini Transat is done and dusted she can concentrate on sailing and practicing.

Good luck for the remaining sailing season and, of course, tons of best wishes for 2017!!

Want to read more about Lina and her Mini Transat campaign? No problem – you can do that either here or on Lina’s website.

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