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Lina Rixgens Mini Transat Campaign Picking Up Speed

Lina Rixgens has kicked off her Mini Transat CampaignShe has talked about it extensively already, and now she really gets going. Lina Rixgens gets sailing practice on Classe Mini racers, and her Mini Transat Campaign 2017 is certainly picking up speed.

Lina is fighting the usual Classe Mini and Mini Transat fight (at least it seems to be true for most participants). The sailing itself is only a small part of the entire Mini Transat campaign. Getting sponsors, funding and other supporters on board to actually make it to the starting line is taking up most of the time.

Multilingual website, Facebook – Lina Rixgens Mini Transat Project

Lina has now set up a dedicated project page on Facebook, and her official website is available not only in German but also in English and French.

Also, she has presented her plans for the Mini Transat 2017 at her local sailing club and is continuously increasing her Classe Mini sailing network.

First couple of days sailing on a Classe Mini boat

Lina Rixgens getting to know Classe MiniLina is keen on getting out on the water as often as possible. She has spent a day on the Baltic Sea on board a Super Calin 2 with Uwe Liehr and Sverre Reinke (check out the video on Uwe’s site, Lina helming and having quite a bit of fun).

And there is some more intensive practice coming up. In just about two weeks time Lina will sail and race with Dominik Lenk in the Mini Fastnet 2015.

Crowd Funding – why not?

So Lina does get practice on those fantastic Classe Mini racers, however, it would be a lot easier for her Mini Transat plans if she had her own boat to sail and train on. She has therefore set up a crowd funding site at Monaco Funding, which will ideally and hopefully get her some money in to buy her own boat later on this year.

Please check out Lina’s web presence, and especially her funding site for being able to purchase a boat and some much needed equipment:

Monaco Funding – Lina Rixgens
Lina’s website in German, English and French
Facebook Page Lina Rixgens Mini Transat 2017

And for some moving pictures, here is her very first video for her Mini Transat 2017 campaign:

(apologies, video has been removed)

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