Lina Will Sail The Mini Transat

Finally, the wait is over. Lina Rixgens will sail the Mini Transat. She has captured a place in the starting line-up of the toughest Classe Mini regatta, starting on 01. October 2017.

classe mini confirmation starting mini transat

When Lina sent me the screenshot here I had to read it twice to get to the really important part. It is just a tiny note, a message hidden in a longer text. And yet, I can hardly describe the relief I felt when the importance of it all finally reached my brain.

Lina has worked hard over the last years to qualify for the Mini Transat. Get sponsors and a boat, practice, qualify, and still she was on the waiting list only (after the initial registration event). Now her biggest goal (and maybe dream) is so close. Brilliant.

Additional sponsor

Apart from this fantastic news that she will be able to sail the Mini Transat, another positive development has occurred recently. A new sponsor, alnamic, has joined Lina’s Mini Transat campaign, giving her the hopefully final monetary stability to complete her campaign.

New sails for mini doc

732 mini doc with new sails (c Lina Rixgens)
732 mini doc with new sails (c Lina Rixgens)

Also, new sails for mini doc have arrived! I guess all regatta inclined folks out there will understand and confirm this. If you are about to sail the Mini Transat, or any other sailing dream of your life, you don’t want to do that with old, worn-out sails. OneSails has produced a new set of sails for mini doc. Lina has tested them thoroughly during the recent Mini Fastnet – and is extremely happy with them.

Sail the Mini Transat: final preparations

Lina will now compete in another two or three regattas, her final preparation for the very big dream: to sail the Mini Transat. I am still not absolutely sure whether I will be able to make it to La Rochelle on 01. October, but it is in my diary! Will you be there as well? Send me a brief note and maybe we can meet up for a chat, dinner, drinks, whatever.

Lina Rixgens Sverre Reinke during Mini Fastnet (c Lina Rixgens)
Lina Rixgens and Sverre Reinke during the Mini Fastnet (c Lina Rixgens)

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