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Lina Wins Wehring & Wolfes Offshore Youth Award

Last week, the German Offshore Youth Award has been handed over. Lina Rixgens had received an invitation for that very official looking ceremony – and won.

Lina Rixgens - winner of the Wehring & Wolfes Offshore Youth AwardLina has sailed my boat, mini doc, all of last year to qualify for the Mini Transat. She took part in various regattas, sailed in winds up to 8 Bft. and in addition to that she also continued with her medical studies. This year she will have a break from her studies and concentrate on sailing in Classe Mini regattas. She is keen to start training with her training group in La Rochelle – and I am keen to finally go sailing with her.

German Offshore Award

Anyway, in January Lina received an invitation to join the celebrations for the German Offshore Award. This award has been around for ten years now. Its intention is to honour the achievements during offshore regattas by German owned boats. It has been initiated by the German Offshore Owners Association, and the Senate of Hamburg is hosting the award ceremony – in the venerable surroundings of the Hamburg Town Hall.

Lina Rixgens receives the Wehring & Wolfes Offshore Youth Award
Lina Rixgens receives the Wehring & Wolfes Offshore Youth Award

“German Offshore” does not mean near the German coast or somewhere in the Baltic Sea or North Sea. The winner gets calculated by a very interesting formula, taking into account difficulty of course as well as weather conditions. Plus, of course, ranking in the regatta results. A jury evaluates German boats regatta participation all over the globe and comes up with a shortlist. The shortlisted boats, owners and crew get invited to this very special evening… all clear and fine so far?

Lina had been so kind to drag me along for the ceremony (I finally got to wear a suit again). This was a first for me, actually. Be inside the Hamburg Town Hall in one of the official representative locations. Plus be on pictures with a winner…

Lina wins Wehring & Wolfes Offshore Youth Award

Yes, not only did Lina come along for meeting and having a chat with Boris Herrmann and some other well-known sailors. She won the Wehring & Wolfes Offshore Youth Award. Her Mini Transat project plus all the challenging sailing last year brought her to the top of the list.

Rainer Kugler, Managing Director of Wehring & Wolfes, held the best laudation of this evening, luckily for Lina.

Lina Rixgens and Hubert Hell - Wehring & Wolfes Offshore Youth Award
Lina Rixgens and Hubert Hell – Wehring & Wolfes Offshore Youth Award

I am not sure if the sequence of events had been planned that way, but it was brilliant indeed. First one was Boris Herrmann with a presentation of his Vendee Globe campaign for 2020. Next a funny picture show with “mega yachts” from the early 1970s to today. And after all those mega sailing yachts (especially Yacht A), on came Lina and mini doc. A boat with 6,50m in length. This certainly got a couple of smiles and laughs from the very quiet Northern German audience.

All in all it was an interesting evening. Very official ceremony, lots of sailors, Lina and her Mini Transat project winning the Youth Award. And this we managed to top with a great dinner afterwards (yes, including some red wine and lots of garlic).

Well done, Lina, and good luck for the remaining months of your Mini Transat project!


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