Looking For Aluminium / Steel Sailing Yacht

Two ladies are not happy right now, their search for an aluminium / steel sailing yacht is going round in circles.

Luna close to iceberg (c Uli and Astrid Ewe)
Luna close to iceberg (c Uli and Astrid Ewe)

They sold their previous boat, Luna, a reliable and very well maintained Van de Stadt Orca, because they wanted to sail a slightly larger yacht. However, with their future destinations and general requirements in mind this is a bit tricky, seemingly.

The Past: Scotland, North Norway, Shetlands, White Sea, Franz-Josef-Land, Greenland

In the past, those two ladies not only sailed the North Atlantic back and forth. They kept coming back to the very Northern parts of our beautiful planet, some of their destinations included contact with quite a few icebergs:

  • Greenland
  • Norway North and South
  • Scotland
  • Shetlands
  • White Sea
  • Franz-Josef-Land
  • Russion inner water ways
  • and lots of trips on the Baltic Sea.

The Future: Still the North, again with ice

Now that they are currently without a boat, they are eagerly searching up and down the web (and the planet) to find their next dream yacht. And, no surprise here, an aluminium / steel sailing yacht it is to be.

Here they are, their detailed requirements.

Astrid and Uli writing:

For our future sailing trips we are looking for a 14-15m (45-49 feet) aluminium / steel sailing yacht, 6 full berths, ideally 8. As we tend to sail with large crew in the very North, we need lots of storage capacity as well as water/diesel capacity. Also, the yacht should be reinforced and prepared for sailing in rough weather and with icebergs close by. Also, a very stable rigging is a must have, plus reliable, robust and solid equipment (no fancy stuff).

In list-form this would be:

  • hull: aluminium or steel (robust, ready for ice contact)
  • length: app. 45 – 49 ft (14-15m)
  • stable rigging, cutter stay
  • ideally no teak deck
  • ideally no furling main sheet
  • large storage capacity
  • capacity for diesel > 500 litres, water > 500 litres
  • ideally collision bulkhead
  • 6-8 berths
  • inside robust, functional, solid.

We are looking forward to offers, ideally with information on the yacht’s background, pictures, location, price.

Please email us at – nb2-gesucht(at)t-online.de – , we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Are you the owner of an aluminium / steel sailing yacht and are thinking of selling? Or know someone who might do? Please get in touch, maybe your yacht is the one those two ladies are looking for.

Many thanks for any kind of help, hint, support!!

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