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Mini Transat 2017 – Budget And Other Stats

Initially, I had not planned to repeat my Mini Transat Budget Questionnaire from two years ago. However, sometimes you need to kick your plans out of the window and do what your heart tells you to. So here we go.

This time I managed to be there – at the start of the Mini Transat 2017. It was, funnily enough and you will definitely shake your head now, also the first time I set foot on mini doc, my Pogo 2, mini number 732. I had bought mini doc two years ago, since then Lina had sailed her. So, I spent ten minutes on the boat, and then it was all Lina’s turn again.

At the beginning of December, I contacted all of the starters of the 2017 Mini Transat and sent the same questions as two years ago. Unlike in my old article about the Mini Transat budget, I won’t try to interpret the various figures – just see for yourself.

Many thanks again to everyone who has replied, you definitely are a great bunch of people and you made my day with your answers!

The replies – not only to my questions

A couple of sailors did not only answer the questionnaire, but also sent some more lines. Out of those, the following short line is probably quite unusual right after the finish. Still, I think it says a lot about the Mini Transat:

It was related to the question “would you like to (will you) do it again?”:

b) no, to me the mini is a thing to do only once, it’s precious

Is there anything to add? Not really 😉

Mini Transat Budget – Questionnaire results

If you think you can explain one or the other %-rate, or the comparison to 2015, then I would be very happy to publish your thoughts. Simply comment at the end of this article or send me a short note.

32% of all starters have replied – that is even more than two years ago. And same as last time, answers came from “everywhere” related to the finishing results. I have received emails from non-finishers as well as from faster and not so fast finishers.

Enough talking, here we go.

And fair winds plus lots of fun to you for the new sailing season!
Take care

Mini Transat 2017 - Budget and other stats - 1
Mini Transat 2017 - Budget and other stats - 2
Mini Transat 2017 - Budget and other stats - 3
Mini Transat 2017 - Budget and other stats - 4
Mini Transat 2017 - Budget and other stats - 5
Mini Transat 2017 - Budget and other stats - 6

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