Beaches, Boats And Horses On Fehmarn

Keeping the kids busy and trying to avoid “death by boredom” (their wording) during school holidays can occasionally turn into a challenge. One week of this year’s Easter school holidays turned out to be as much fun for the parents as it was for the kids.

deserted beach on FehmarnOk, my kids are not really that bad when at home. They can go without parents for hours, only needing help when it comes to food and drink. This is usually fine for a couple of days, but two weeks can get very long in the end. So we spent one week of that Easter break near the Baltic Sea, an hour’s drive from home. It was on Fehmarn, one of my favourite islands round here.

It was the second week in April. Spring had not really arrived yet, sunshine and rain played hide and seek on an hourly basis. In addition to all that, a nasty cold wind was blowing – not really a combination to have the kids roam around outdoors. There was, however, not a single day with the kids asking for more action. The reason: horses!

horse at Reiterhof Witt on FehmarnSpending a week on a horse farm – girls’ dreams come true

“Reiterhof” (horse farm) was the magic word for a week of relaxation (and happy kids). The morning hours belonged to “the family”, meaning a usually late breakfast, playing football, card games or meeting some friends.

The afternoon: kids gone for four hours (yes, 4). Horse riding, theory lessons, working with horses, cleaning stables, etc. This definitely sounded like (and was) a girl’s dream come true.

With the kids busy – parents can enjoy their free time

With the kids’ attention diverted to horses and ponies, the grown-ups could concentrate on their personal happiness and wellbeing. For me, this meant spending some time near the water, on the beach, simply walking around and soaking up sea-air. Cycling to Burg, Fehmarn’s capital, and checking out the harbour. Watching yachts being lifted back into the Baltic Sea for the start of this year’s sailing season. Enjoying one or the other “catch of the day”, savouring an espresso while looking at the small fleet of fishing boats.

All in all:  being in no rush at all. And, of course: reading. Two books in one week (each one three hundred pages plus), I cannot remember when that last happened.

yes that was me in the sandAn absolutely fantastic week – for all of us

At the end of the week there was a family of four travelling back home with the feeling of having spent a really good time on Fehmarn. The kids passed their first “horse rider’s exam”, the parents had quality time for themselves. And the hours spent together were all easy and wonderful. More of that, please!

If you are wondering where we’ve had that grand time it was on the island of Fehmarn, the tiny village is called Wulfen and the horse farm is Reiterhof Witt. No, this is not a promotional post. I don’t even know if they do or would offer anything in English or any other language than German.

There is, however, a dramatically increased likelihood that for the very first time we will spend a holiday in a location where we have been before. What else is there to add?

spring not having arrived yet on Fehmarn
spring not having arrived yet on Fehmarn

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