BSPE2 – Energy Project Initiated

The budget nowhere near being covered. Showstoppers all over the place. Support and timeline on very shaky grounds. This just sounds like the ideal project for me! The topic is twofold: self-sufficient power supply on yachts (including e-motor), plus view of renewable energy projects along the coasts of the Baltic Sea.

How did I come up with the idea for such a project? It was the initial project a couple of years ago, “baltic sea. pure energy.” (website in German).

It is more than just appealing not needing to rely on external power sources on a yacht (including an e-motor). Also, I wanted to check out the status and progress of renewable energy projects all around the Baltic Sea. What has happened since then? Can it be applied to larger yachts for the ordinary yacht owner as well? How are the renewable energy projects doing five years later? Are new ones all over the place or has enthusiasm died off?

Start-up phase of my energy project

renewable energy on MAIKE
renewable energy on MAIKE (c

The detailed definition of objectives, requirements and potential way forward is still work in progress. For starters here is a wonderful view of MAIKE, the boat used during the initial project. It shows e-motor, solar panels, wind and hydro generator, plus regenerative fuel cell (not needed as the others provided enough energy).

All posts for this more than interesting topic will be tagged with bspe2.

Care to support? Would you like to help?

As you can imagine, I do appreciate any kind of support. Be it general advice, marketing, technical, hands-on, equipment or monetary sponsorship, etc.

Many thanks to the initial project team of “baltic sea. pure energy.”. They have answered so many questions already. And they are indeed an inspirational team.

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