Favourite Trail Near Home

sunshine on favourite trailMy favourite trail. Small, not overly exciting, no big tourist attraction. To get there, all I need is a six minutes walk from home. A brief post about the beauty of simple things in life.

Little islands of sunshine – everybody needs them for a brief escape. A rich and tasteful espresso, a secretely devoured bar of chocolate. Maybe two hours of sailing, AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on maximum volume, the list could go on forever. One of my little islands is a small, short trail near my house. This has become my favourite trail, despite – or maybe because – of its simplicity. Beautiful new life in spring, lush green in summer, the magic of colourful leaves in autumn, peaceful quiet and no soul in sight in winter.

bridge on favourite trailFavourite trail as an island of happiness

There certainly are millions of reason to get onto your personal island of sunshine, and I won’t even start thinking about listing some of them. This little favourite trail eases my mind, calms me down. I know every turn, have walked along it every season. With the mountainbike I have raced along its narrow path, I love being there. On my own, of course.

Pictures of my favourite trail

There is nothing else to say, really. Below you can find some more pictures to give you an impression of what my favourite trail looks like (and a video right at the end). And even though I guess it might not strike a chord with you – it will remain one of my little islands. What about you, what are your islands of sunshine and happiness? I’d love to know, and if you don’t want to comment here in public, simply send me an e-mail.

favourite trail in autumn


water tree moss reflections

water leaves reflection


Is this the most boring video in the web?

Right next to my short, yet favourite trail runs a tiny stream. It feeds into the moor and somehow, miraculously, emerges again on the other side of the moor to continue its journey. Here is a very short video of what it looks like – and beware: the intention of this video is to make you fall asleep, not get you ready for an outrageous party.

getting started on favourite trail

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