Outwell Montana 6 Front Extension For Sale

It is the best add-on we have bought for our Outwell Montana 6P, and now it is up for sale after just three weeks of usage. Why? Because I bought the wrong one! This front extension is intended to be used with a Montana 6, not a Montana 6P.

Outwell Montana 6 front extensionThis spring we decided to extend our voluminous and large tent Outwell Montana 6P by a so-called front extension. This front extension is something I love having around wherever I “live”. You can stay dry during rain and still be outside. Fantastic.

Montana 6 Front Extension – our holiday saviour

In fact, this front extension has saved our summer holidays this year. During our three weeks’ holiday in The Netherlands we have had quite a few rainy days, more than all of the previous five years combined. The Montana 6 front extension has been a perfect gateway and dry path into the tent. It was also more than ideal for having meals outside despite the rain (or a glass of wine in the evening).

A perfect addition indeed. Apart from the simple fact that it is not meant to be for our tent, the Montana 6P… just one little letter, the P at the end, meaning premium. The P-edition is 10cm higher than the normal Montana 6, and hence the front extension does not really fit. Colour as well as overall fit are not really perfect, although it has worked really well.

I am more than happy to drive or ship it to more or less all of Europe. This front extension for the Outwell Montana 6 has been used during this summer only, for a total of three weeks. The initial purchase price was EUR 270,-, and I would sell it for EUR 120,- plus postage.

If you are interested please get in touch with me, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

By the way, just in case you were wondering: Yes, if this one gets sold I will immediately buy the “right” one for our Montana 6P. If not, I’ll keep it, even though it does look a little odd…

Update end of September 2016: The front extension has been sold. I will now start looking for the correct front extension for our Montana 6P. And I do indeed, mightily, look forward to our camping holidays 2017!!

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