Picturesque Flensburg Harbour Centre

classical boats at Flensburg HafenspitzeWhenever I spend some time in Flensburg, getting near, onto or into the Baltic Sea is a definite must. One of my favourite locations for breathing salty air is the so-called “Flensburger Hafenspitze” (harbour centre) – and this is where I went for a brief stroll last weekend.

Ok, it is not really the right place for a swim. For starting a sailing tour or simply going for a walk, however, the story is a rather different one. To be a bit more precise: it is perfect. It is the very end of the Flensburg Fjord (or, maybe, the beginning?), so if you started sailing, paddling or swimming you could get out onto the Baltic Sea, move onwards to the North Sea, Atlantic, round the world…

fishing boatsSpending some time on the East or West side of the Flensburg harbour centre is extremely close to feeling like being on a seaside holiday. Yachts, fishing boats as well as a large number of classical boats and traditional tall ships are the ideal background for this maritime setting. Freshly caught and smoked fish is available (and more than just yummy), coffee, beer or rum are ideal for sitting down and enjoying the view, soaking in atmosphere and sunshine.

Speaking of rum: For many years rum was the most important merchandise good for Flensburg. The annual “rum regatta” is not only Northern Europes largest meeting of gaff rigged traditional boats, it is also a huge party along the harbour centre. Rum consumption on that weekend is – well, I guess you can imagine what it might be like.

parts of the museum harbour in FlensburgLocated on the West side of the Hafenspitze is the museum harbour (Museumshafen). Its most prominent member, DAGMAR AAEN, is currently on the Southern part of this planet, sailing towards Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia) on Arved Fuchs’ expedition “Ocean Change”.

The entire Flensburg harbour centre has been converted to a pretty cool location. Quite a few years ago it used to be a rather dull and ugly place, nowadays locals as well as tourists love it. So do I – and here are some more pictures from last weekend.

tallship Zuversicht near Flensburg Hafenspitze

yachts and their reflections

yachts and houses in Flensburg

old harbour bollard

luxury classic yacht in Flensburg

fishermen tools in Flensburg

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