Quickie Lunch With Trek’N Eat

Can you survive on freeze-dried food, for example Trek’N Eat? Of course you can! The question is: Will your taste buds die while eating, or is it a culinary highlight?

TrekNEat pasta with wild mushroom and soya ragout
TrekNEat pasta with wild mushroom and soya ragout

On Sunday, 01. October, the 2017 edition of the Mini Transat will start. Taking off from La Rochelle, the racing fleet will sail to the Canaries first. After a stopover for repairs, re-stocking of food and the like, they will set sail again, this time for Martinique.

Crossing the Atlantic in a Classe Mini racer will – apart from being extremely exhausting – take its time. So, besides sailing skills, sleep management and a lot of good luck, it is also a question of what to eat during those weeks. Fruits, salad and freshly caught fish might be on the menu for quite a few circumnavigators or long-term cruisers. For the racing folks, however, this is not an option.

Freeze-dried food for sailors

Meal preparation needs to be quick job. At the same time, calories, minerals and other healthy stuff is required as well. Freeze-dried food seems to be the choice for almost every single one of those sailors. I don’t know which brand Lina or Andreas prefer, but I have just tried (and survived) a two year old Trek’N Eat package. Pasta with wild mushroom and soya ragout – sounds like a treat?

Self-testing Trek’N Eat

Initially, I bought a couple of Trek’N Eat food bags for longer hiking trips into the wild. Or for sailing trips, not treading on land for weeks. While those two are still ideas and dreams, the Trek’N Eat food bags needed some attention – i.e., the “best before” date approaching rapidly.

So today was the day: thinking of all those Mini Transat sailors, worldwide hikers and sailing folks off the beaten track, I prepared my Trek’N Eat pasta with wild mushroom and soya ragout.

Yummy? Or Yuck?

Ok, if the looks were to answer the question whether it tastes good or not, then it would be a “not”. Still, what do you expect? You pour some hot water into a kind of plastic bag, stir it well, wait for a couple of minutes, stir again. Finished. What should it look like apart from a mess?

TrekNEat yummier than expected
TrekNEat yummier than expected

Anyway, once you get over the look of it, it is time to move the first spoon in direction of your mouth. Be brave – and you will be rewarded! What? Yes, I mean it! Ok, I added quite a fair bit of freshly ground pepper (which the Mini Transat sailors probably won’t have available). And I was absolutely and very positively surprised!

To be honest: with closed eyes I would not have been able to identify wild mushrooms and whatever else had been in there. Still, I liked the overall taste and had expected a worse experience by far. And believe it or not, but I am looking forward to the “Mediterranean Fish Stew with Rice”.

Should you try it?

Oh well, I don’t know about that. If you don’t have to, probably not. But if you are about to go for a longer hiking trip, or sail for weeks on an Ocean crossing, then this might be a great help for some quick-to-prepare, kind of tasteful meal.

By the way: I’ll travel to La Rochelle for the weekend, to be around for the start of the Mini Transat. My expectation towards the French cuisine is “slightly” different than towards this Trek’N Eat food bag. I don’t know what to expect in La Rochelle, food-wise, but it better be absolutely glorious! 🙂


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