Quiet Spot Danish Summer Cottage

A small island of happiness, a quiet spot, a personal retreat, a place of basic but light-hearted living: some friends’ summer cottage in Denmark.

summer_cottage_denmark_beach_skovmoseNo dishwasher, small shower, no bath, limited heating, sometimes really cold at night. That’s one side of the story. The positives, however, outweigh this many times over. Fresh air all day long, the Baltic Sea less than 100 metres away. 1.000 square metres of garden, green, flowers, trees, birds, rabbits and other wildlife. Twenty minutes before dinner you can still go for a short swim. The good night drink(s) you can have in the more than cosy wooden summer cottage, in the garden or on the beach – phew, choices to be made!

summer_cottage_denmark_view_frontRelaxing made easy

Quite often I have thought about that place and why time spent there is so relaxing. Maybe it is the salty and fresh air that let’s you sleep so deeply. Maybe it is because nothing needs to be done or fixed “now”. The kids can roam around freely, and that is possibly also a reason for the great time at this place. Happy kids, happy parents. Or another few dozen ‘maybes’.

Hear the waves while lying in bed

Sometimes I cannot fall asleep. Or rather, I do not want to fall asleep. The wind creates wonderful and varying noises in and with the trees. The mighty sound of waves rolling onto the beach gives the impression of being in a tent right there, on the sand, in immediate danger of being swept away. Once the wind dies down and the waves start getting smaller, the only sound I can hear is the birds singing away, making their unmistakable announcement of another morning. And a very, very early morning it usually is.

summer_cottage_denmark_garden_benchSummer cottage on Als

Our friends’ summer cottage is just one of thousands of summer cottages in Denmark. It can be found in Skovmose on the island of Als, Baltic Sea, is made of wood, has a wonderful garden – and can not be rented… sorry!

For me, this place is utter quiet and peacefulness. Unfortunately, our friends are getting older and will very likely keep their summer cottage for another couple of years only. I need to be there as often as possible to soak up as much of this tranquility as I can.

Then why don’t I simply buy the place? Rumour has it that Danish summer cottages can only be bought by Danish citizens. This is close, but not absolutely true. Any private person can by a summer cottage in Denmark, as long as the buyer has been registered in the “folkeregister” (registration office) and has paid taxes for a minimum of five years. After that, the process of purchasing a summer cottage is the same as for every Dane (as of June 2015).

Just in case you were wondering what the beach near the summer cottage looks like, here is a very brief video of that very sandy location:

That was it – I need to go now and start packing for the next weekend…



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