Quote Challenge Day 1

sunset in SchleimuendeThe inspiring and admirable estelea has nominated me for a quote challenge. How does it work? Post three quotes on three consecutive days, and each time nominate three bloggers to do the same. Sounds like a pretty cool way to keep the data flowing all around the world… I’ll happily go along and post my thoughts here.

Here we go, my quote for Day One:

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.    (Seneca)

To start with, this seems to be an obvious one for a sailor. For me, however, this is not only related to sailing but rather about life in general. I need goals, objectives, short term or long term. As long as I know what I would like to achieve then my thoughts and actions are directed towards that goal.

And don’t get me wrong – a goal can also be “enjoying the sunset while sitting on your boat”…

The folks I would like to nominate today for the Quote Challenge are some amazing sailors from different places on this planet,

Viki from Astrolabe Sailing
Chris from SV Take It Easy
Øvind from SY Ramsalt

It would be great if you were to take on the challenge, and if you do so please post three quotes on three days, and each time suggest three fellow bloggers to continue in the same manner.

2 Replies to “Quote Challenge Day 1”

  1. I can totally relate to this one. I do need goals too, a frame to navigate to put it in terms easier to understand for you 😉 This is when I am the most creative actually, when I have a goal.
    WHen I don’t have a way to use my compass, then I become restless and frustrated. Good to read that I might not be the only one ..Thanks a lot for participating in the challenge, great quote and pic !

    1. thanks for your lines! You definitely are not the only one, lots of people need goals. And lots of others need rules 😉
      So, what I’d love to know: How do you go about getting to know a new city, as a tourist? Map, guide, suggested routes, off you go? Or do you wander around, let yourself be moved by the flow of the streets?

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