Quote Challenge Day 2

forest walkAfter yesterday’s quote I’ll move on into the forest, a place I love to spend hours in. Today’s quote does not necessarily refer to it directly, but I love the ending of the sentence…

My quote for Day Two:

I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.   (William Shakespeare)

Here in Northern Germany, we have the joys of four very different seasons throughout the year (well, usually…). Each one of them has its magic, and right now it is the colourful autumn leaves, the roaming around in heaps of leaves with the kids, the smell of earth, dampness, breathing out already starting to make that funny “steam” like a little dragon. Waste my time in it, in the forest, that’s pure nature, relaxing, magic.

My nominees for today are three ladies with very different content in their blogs, but I do like their style of writing (or photography) and their view on this planet…

Dini from Travelling Yoga Family
Jutta from 6 Grad Ost
Marjajl from Finnish Archipelago

It would be great if you were to take on the challenge. Please post three quotes on three days, and each time suggest three fellow bloggers to continue in the same manner.

2 Replies to “Quote Challenge Day 2”

  1. Ahhh… the place i miss most here! Again, I can totally relate except that time in the forest is never wasted to me. It recharges my batteries and I feel all energised again. It has a way to put things into perspective, my size and the ones of the trees. My age and theirs .. Thanks for this very inspiring post, enjoy fall in the forest !

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