Restarting “baltic sea. pure energy. 2.”

Beginning of 2015 I was all fired up to get my project “baltic sea. pure energy. 2.” to the starting (and finish) line in 2016, maybe 2017 latest. After a quick start with lots of information, research, ideas and talks my enthusiasm had cooled down quite a bit.

The main reason for losing motivation and drive was the not so successful handling of my sponsorship ideas. In other words: Getting sponsors on board was a disaster. Last week I got re-inspired by a very interesting article on Herb Benavent’s website about his comparison of e-motor vs diesel engine. This was the igniting spark to finish my extended summer break for bspe2 and get back to some “doing” again.

There are still no sponsors around and, very likely, there won’t be any in future either. However, I will run this as a side activity now and am sure it will be just as much fun as before. The scope has changed a bit, timeline as well (of course). Also, type of sailing boat might change, but the main objectives remain the same:

  1. have a great summer on a sailing boat
  2. only renewable energy to be used on board (self-sustaining: wind and maybe hydro generator, solar power, e-motor, LEDs, hardly any other technical devices eating up energy)
  3. route: circle around the Baltic Sea, very likely anti-clockwise
  4. check out renewable energy projects along the way.

Some more details on those topics

Summer Sailing: That’s the easiest topic and I need to force myself to keep the wording to a minimum here. I will combine quite a few of my personal interests within that project: sailing, water, longer timeout on a boat, renewable energy, Baltic Sea, Baltic states, talking English, meeting new folks internationally… those are the highlights. Want to join? Simply drop me a line.

Boat: There is no boat, no yacht as of today. Am I worried about it? Not really. In the next couple of months I will decide which kind of boat I will be looking for in detail. This could be anything from a small Classe Mini racer via a used Dehler 34 to a brand new Hanse 315. Whatever it will come down to, a couple of things are set. The boat must be self-sustaining, have an e-motor, no diesel on board, everything is to be kept rather simple but reliable.

Route: I’d love to sail along the coasts of the Baltic Sea, ideally for something like three to five months. Due to wind systems and their development during spring and summer, an anti-clockwise route should be more favourable than clockwise. At least if I would like the wind to be pushing and not pulling me around the Baltic Sea.

Renewable Energy Projects: Despite the long list of projects visited by the initial bspe-team, I think that close to ten years later things might and will have changed significantly. That’s the main reason why I will need to work on my very own list of projects to be visited, and this is something I will have a look at at a very late stage.

Next steps

When looking at it from a planning perspective, it sounds all pretty clear and simple.

  1. get a boat
  2. change and convert it so that it meets my criteria
  3. practise sailing with the “new” boat, single-handed as well as with crew
  4. research and write the list of renewable energy projects to be visited
  5. get financials cleared up and ready, family duties sorted
  6. start.

As of today there are two main items I need to have a look at. First, get a boat and convert it into a state as per my wish-list. And secondly, see how the long summer of sailing can be brought in line with the family and its calendar.

And what about the timline? As I don’t need to cater for sponsor demands I will give this project more thoughts, energy and financing whenever my other activities allow for it. This could very well mean that the sailing tour around the Baltic Sea will happen in 2017, 2018, very likely even closer to 2025. I simply don’t know yet, time will tell.

Have I missed something here, any major item? Would you like to come along as part of the team, and/or do this in a joint mission?

And before I forget, here is a little video with hardly anything to see but nice waves as a background sound – so turn up the volume.

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