Strawberries – Picking, Jam And Tummy Ache

some of the freshly picked strawberriesFreshly picked strawberries – so sweet, tasty, yummy. The same is true when enjoying them with whipped cream or chocolate, in ice cream or smoothies… the list could go on. I wanted to show the kids where their favourite strawberries are coming from. So I took them out for an afternoon of strawberry picking – plus some “work” afterwards.

Looking back at it, the “strawberry picking event” turned out to be a ninety minute happening (with not too much happening at all). The agitation and excitement of it all had been much greater in the couple of days before. Isn’t that the case all too often? When it came down to actually doing it, it was kind of boring. So I’ve been told afterwards by those three young ladies having joined me.

strawberry fieldStrawberry picking on a hot summer afternoon

To be fair to the girls: it was a rather hot afternoon. Sunshine and heat drained energy from them. Poor girls. I was, however, quite surprised when they finished their picking activities after forty minutes or so, handing me their half-filled little baskets. Nothing to worry about, really, they had eaten lots of strawberries. Now they were eager to get home to “work” on the strawberry jam and get out of the sun again. Another lesson learnt for them: it is not that easy picking kilo after kilo of yummy strawberries, and they did indeed respect the work the professional pickers had to do (bear) each day.

strawberry jam - all finishedStrawberry jam

Back home the crew thinned out a little. With only two girls left we washed and cut the strawberries in a neat pile of to-be-jam, added jam sugar and let the cooker do its job. A couple of minutes later the jam jars had been filled, turned upside down and left for cooling – finished.

Too many strawberries for a young girl…

So what about the tummy ache? One of the young ladies seemed to have taken the “eat as much as you like during your picking time” a bit too seriously. The evening showed not only tummy ache, but in the end a prolonged session in the bathroom with red content in the toilet… I am sure you can easily guess what that was all about.

strawberry fieldsAnyway, we’ve done all that before and will certainly do it again in future. It is a pretty nice experience looking at big strawberry fields instead of just “the couple of strawberries” in your backyard. And with the professional pickers around, their speed and tough (and lousily paid) job, it made it all the more interesting. This was the strawberry picking session, other fruits are to follow this summer.

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