Sunny Afternoon In The Forest

Millions of people could, only a small percentage manages to do it. It is indeed rather easy to spend an afternoon in the forest. Also for me?

Am still struggling with my breakfast, had too much coffee, or not enough tea, my feet are cold, need to do the washing up, and what about lunch? Wasn’t it supposed to be raining this afternoon? Quite a lot of things (excuses, namely) can stop me from a wonderful time in the forest. Looking at it more honestly, there is only one major hurdle to be taken: the doorstep.

leaves and leaves and leaves
leaves and leaves and leaves

However, once that obstacle has been successfully passed I find it hard to actually return home. I simply don’t want to, it is always too good outside to be going back inside again.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a wonderful sunny afternoon in a forest, walking around and taking pictures. A couple of birds were still around and singing, brilliant fresh and clean air, fallen leaves already smelling kind of earthy.

Forest brings the kid out in man

And, more importantly, I was finally able (and allowed) to kick and fool around with lots and lots of fallen leaves. Making small piles, pulverizing them, and starting all over again. The same kind of action would not really be highly welcome by my neighbours in the city, I guess.

How long did it take me to get there? Ten minutes walk.
How long did I stay in the forest? Four hours.
Will I be back soon? Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Why is it so “hard” to do that more often? Ehm, …..

Nicely reddened cheeks, happy smile in my face. And somehow, after having returned home, there was an impression lingering in the back of my mind that not enough oxygen was available in my house.

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