The Magic Of A Sunset

sunset on SyltSunsets are magical (at least for me, that is). No matter where I manage to see them they are always fantastic to watch. Although it could be said that it is the same stuff every night I find each sunset to be a unique experience.

In the mountains, on the beach, in a city park with the skyline in the background, on a yacht while anchoring, in front of a tent camping in the middle of nowhere – sunsets are everywhere. My photographic skills do not really allow me (yet) to capture each one the same or even similar to what my eyes are actually seeing, but I am getting there (I hope).

storm brewing up during sunsetI am pretty sure, however, it is not only the visual effects that make sunsets so fantastic and spectacular to watch. The day is coming to an end, activities – not only those of humans – are either slowing down or just about to start. All living creatures are preparing for the night, some to rest, others to hunt.

sunset in SchleimuendeWhy a sunset in conjunction with water, sea and ocean fascinates me more than any other sunset, I do not know. Maybe it is because I love water and the sea in general, maybe it is because sailing while the sun goes down is the start of a possibly very exciting night – and the chance of a magnificent sunrise. Whatever the reason might be, I love them.

sunset beach St. Peter-Ording


Sunset, beach and Atlantic

A very dear friend, currently living something like 500 metres away from the Atlantic Ocean and a marvellous beach in France, has inspired me by sending the little video below. What a great way to finish a weekend – and she can do that every night, this is basically the end of her garden… how good can it get?

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