The Start – Being Active Outside

Are you active outside often? I am.

This is the very first entry in this blog – Hello World!

What will this here be all about? Being active outside, enjoying fresh air and nature around us. The aim is to get active outside and talk about it. Or, in some instances, dream about an outside activity that might be out of reach at the moment…

What is Active Outside about?

The exact scope of the content will very likely be a moving target. Whenever something strikes me worth telling you I’ll set up a post. The plan is to include the occasional pic as well, to make it more fun reading.

Currently I am thinking of mainly targeting nautical topics such as sailing, yachts, classical boats, trips, events, plus more of the sailing stuff.

I will also write about hiking, though I’ll need to see what is really of interest for you. Lots of other sites cover hiking topics already, so I’ll need to ensure to not bore you too much.

Oceans & Environment is another topic close to my heart. Pollution of oceans, waste in water, marine debris, microplastics. I will write a few articles on the background of ocean pollution, potential solutions, etc.

Your feedback? Appreciated!

Comments and discussions I do welcome. Also, if you are interested in publishing a guest post or becoming a co-author – please get in touch with me and we will talk about it.

The kick-off has been made – let’s get “active outside”!

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