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Polo Shirt For Lina’s Mini Transat Campaign

What on earth is that, just another polo shirt? No, it’s not. It’s a statement. A statement for saying “support this young lady on her quest to complete the Mini Transat 2017”. Would you like to make that statement as well?

polo shirt Lina Rixgens Mini Transat Campaign - frontInitially I thought this is an idea born to fail. Who would want to walk around in a polo shirt crammed with logos? After a brief design session with a local printer I changed my mind – and here is the result. A polo shirt where the original colour of navy blue can still be seen, logos are not too big and at the same time still fully present. Plus, two URLs on the back (well, they had to go somewhere and “inside” was not really an option).

Is this a great polo shirt for Lina’s Mini Transat campaign?

What do you think, does it look like a winner polo shirt? Or the exact opposite? I really like it. And that is also the reason why we have decided to offer it to anybody interested in getting one (‘we’ meaning Lina and me; read more about Lina’s Mini Transat campaign). The catch is that we won’t be able to sell it for small money and ship it to anywhere on this planet. So if you would like to support Lina’s Mini Transat campaign plus get the polo shirt, then there are (a minimum of) two ways to do that:

  1. donate more than EUR 50,- for Lina’s Mini Transat campaign
    (please let me know the amount you would like to donate (> € 50,-) plus tell me your preferred polo shirt size and shipping address), or
  2. spend a day sailing with Lina on her Classe Mini 732 ‘mini doc’ (prices on request).

I’d always prefer option 2, as you will for sure have a great day sailing on the Atlantic out of La Rochelle. In addition to the sailing, you will of course get one of those fantastic polo shirts – plus many pictures and unforgettable memories… and no, I am not working in advertising.

This polo shirt plus your very personal add-on

The volume of this polo shirt design’s edition is very limited, it was intended for Lina’s and my family only. More polo shirts like this can easily be “printed”. If you would like to have your very personal add-on to this design – just let me know. We can print your name, company logo, etc., onto it, so you will have your very personal polo shirt for supporting Lina’s Mini Transat campaign. Sounds like a plan? Great. All you need to do is get in touch with me (plus don’t forget a large enough donation, of course…).

Any questions? I will answer those more than happily.

polo shirt Lina Rixgens Mini Transat Campaign - back

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