My Projects

What is the background to those projects listed below? Nothing highly sophisticated. They are topics of great interest to me, my passion (and a lot of my spare time) lies with all of them. Also, those projects are spare time activities, for my “real job” please see the bottom of this page.

If you have further questions, would like to know a lot more about individual projects or would like to help in one way or the other, please get in touch with me.

Currently running projects

none – looking for inspiration or your email

Monetary Support

Every little helps. There’s nothing to add to those three words, really. Any kind of monetary support is highly apprecitated, it will keep the projects and their idea behind it going for a little longer.

Please contact me if you would like to donate or contribute in one way or the other.

Many, many thanks for your support!

Closed projects

  • Lina Rixgens Mini Transat 2017: A talented, young lady aims to complete the Mini Transat as the first German female sailor. She is an internationally experienced class Europe sailor and goes about this project with high enthusiasm and even more professionalism. I try to support Lina whenever time allows me to do so. In addition, she is sailing on 732 mini doc, my boat.
    Update January 2018: She’s done it! Lina has completed the Mini Transat!
  • Rainbow Pirates (Meer bewegen): This is a project/support still in its starting phase. However, quite a while ago I have already written a couple of articles about them. Now it could very well be that we kick off something new.
  • Challenge #walk1000miles: A rather interesting challenge for 2017 – walk 1.000 miles (and for me: in addition to all my other outdoor activities). To take this all a bit more seriously, I will donate to the children’s cancer ward of the UKE. Check out my posts on this topic – and join me for this good cause!
    Update January 2018: Challenge completed, more than EUR 5.600,- collected – thanks for your support, brilliant stuff indeed!!
  • BSPE2 – baltic sea. pure energy. 2.: This is a wonderful project for sailors, renewable energy enthusiasts as well as friends of international relations. Unfortunately, quite a bit of funding is required to be able to continue, so I am currently working on scope, budget, sponsors, etc. to hopefully get this up and running in maybe 2017 or 2018. Please let me know in case you would like to have more information, would love to support or be a part of the “baltic sea. pure energy. 2.-team”.
    Update February 2016: Not only the Eco Sailing Project has proven that self-sufficiency on sailing yachts is no dream, but more or less easy to fulfill. I have closed this project and will look for new challenges and adventures.
  • Marcus Demuth Mini Transat 2017: Throwing a professional sea kayak career overboard to sail in the Classe Mini, Marcus is learning all about it the hard way. His goal is – as always – ambitious, and I am sure he will be doing a very fine job also here.
    Update October 2015: Marcus has decided to cancel his campaign and move in a different direction. Good luck and many thanks for your entertaining thoughts and lines!

My real life job – and what I can do for you

The boring stuff first, and very briefly: Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), experienced project manager as well as team leader, very structured and target oriented. This is the part of “done it”.

What would I love to do in future? Use my organisational skills and project management expertise to support your outdoor or (especially) sailing activities.

In other words:

Whatever your challenge might be, I am a pretty good listener with lots of problem solving ideas.

Simply contact me to get us talking, I am sure you won’t regret it.