Chance Encounter: Two People, One Goal

A very long time ago (January last year, actually, but it feels a lot longer) I spent quite a few hours browsing the web. My goal was to find some information on the costs of a Mini Transat campaign. I managed to pull some data together and came up with a pretty neat cost estimate. That, however, is a different story. While doing my research I stumbled upon a couple of Classe Mini sailors’ websites, one of them being Lina Rixgens. What a goal she has set herself, and what a story it has been so far!

Lina Rixgens enjoying the first day of sailing with Classe Mini 732The very first information I found was a flyer for Lina’s Mini Transat campaign. Her project idea sounded pretty cool. I was indeed a very happy person after she had rather quickly replied to an email and answered a couple of questions. Soon after I published a first article about Lina and her plans for a Mini Transat campaign. But – who is she, what’s her background?

In brief – Lina Rixgens and her amazing goal, the Mini Transat 2017

  • young medical student, German, living in Belgium;
  • has been sailing for more than half of her life, including Optimist, Europe. Has crossed the Atlantic with “High Seas High School”. Also, has raced around the Baltic Sea with ‘Haspa Hamburg’, a Judel/Vrolijk designed long distance cruiser-racer;
  • regatta-proven, including World Championships in class Europe;
  • highly organized, with a clear view on her goals and aiming to reach them asap (that is my personal view, though it may sound like taken from a consultant’s CV).

Lina in Classe Mini

So, quite a while ago Lina decided to race in the Classe Mini and complete a Mini Transat. She set up a campaign and talked to dozens of potential sponsors. She also took part in the Mini Fastnet last year, and worked on lots and lots of smaller tasks in between. Still, she was kind of stuck. One major item was missing to boost her campaign, the one item she could not continue without: a boat (kind of obvious, right?).

Boat Sponsorship

'mini doc', eager to go for a ride with Lina
‘mini doc’, eager to go for a ride with Lina

Let’s cut a long story short. I gave Lina, her campaign and the entire setup a lot of thought (and this means A LOT). Finally, I offered to buy a boat and lend it to her for the next two years. Deal? Done! Lina’s campaign is still up and running, and it looks promising. Her first regatta will kick off in just about a week’s time, a detailed plan for 2016 regarding training, racing and studying has been set up. As usual: all very professional.

Preparation for Mini Transat 2017

Getting to know the boat and training for regattas is one thing. Preparations for those races, especially the ones classified with an A (including the Mini Transat) require a lot more than just sailing. Astro-navigation, safety and survival training, a very long list of ‘dos’, ‘don’ts’ and ‘equipment must haves’. These are additional challenges to the already demanding sailing skills.

Lina’s got a boat, but she has not yet reached the starting line of the Mini Transat 2017. Lots of support is still required, and here comes the line you have all been waiting for.
Please get in touch with me if you would like to help Lina reach her goal of successfully completing the Mini Transat 2017.

Medical training as part of the Mini Transat preparation

Lina Rixgens medical training (cSailpartner)
Lina Rixgens medical training (cSailpartner)

One of my favourite pics is this one here, with Lina trying to rescue a chicken… ok, it was during a training course for medical aid on sea – and this is one of the few things I cannot stop wondering about. How on earth are you supposed to sew a gaping wound in a boat 6,5m long, in the middle of the Atlantic, with everything shaking and moving and jumping up and down? I guess if you really have to it probably will work (it has to, I guess), still, I don’t really want to think about it in too much detail.

Right now I do not have a video yet of Lina sailing on ‘mini doc’ (new name of Mini GER 732). Here is an older one of Lina sailing on Uwe Liehr’s Mini and having a grand time on the Baltic Sea.

That’s it for today

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Am always glad to receive any kind of feedback and will happily answer your lines – and as mentioned before, if you would like to support Lina to reach her goal please get in touch with me.

Take care & fair winds,

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