Classe Mini Sailors, What Is Your Biggest Frustration?

Sailing projects not completed, a sailing career abandoned, agony high instead of spirits rocketing. A question that keeps coming back to me: What frustrates you most with sailing in the Classe Mini?

gimme speed... Classe Mini 6.50 (D2V2)I have followed the Classe Mini rather closely in the last 18 months or so, and despite successful stories of winners and finishers, of smiles and laughter everywhere, there are quite a few sailors feeling extremely down. ‘Feeling down’ meaning they are in the middle of a major crisis. Lack of funding, injuries, race calendar, weather, boat size, boat handling, the list could go on.

Those are only a couple of the reasons I have found when looking at Classe Mini sailors’ websites or social media entries. What a disaster! And that after so much bravery they had shown in the past.

Instead of sailing, they kept on worrying. And finally, sometimes, they stopped sailing in the Classe Mini, or sailing altogether. What a shame – and that is a major understatement. I can very easily understand the financial as well as one or the other aspect mentioned above. However, it would be perfect if I once again heard the “truth” directly from the protagonists.

I would not necessarily relate this to only those that have stopped sailing in the Classe Mini. There are also folks out there continuing with their campaigns, competing in regattas and having a great time – or so it seems to the outside world. Organisational struggles, sponsors demanding more and more coverage on all sorts of channels, sailing time being reduced because of even more than just those two items mentioned.

So even while being on the boat more or less regularly, those actually sailing are also faced with frustrations and additional ballast keeping them from concentrating on their core task: sailing.

This article, this question, is for all the sailors in the Classe Mini (plus others as well, of course) that are not 100% happy. Here it is:

My question to you sailors:

What are your frustrations with sailing in the Classe Mini? What stops you from having an amazing and fun time, from mainly concentrating on sailing?

Luckily for many sailors I will this time not e-mail them with my questions (like I have done for my article on the Mini Transat Budget). I’ll just keep quiet, publish my question here and will eagerly and anxiously wait for the first messages.

You might wonder what on earth I am on about and why I would like to know. Instead of simply accepting it as it is. Well, just two comments:

I love to help other people, especially when they would like to achieve an ambitious goal. Something like sailing and competing in the Classe Mini, for example. And once I better understand the difficulties and needs, I could offer a much better tailored help (or rather: support).

Secondly, if you keep following this blog you will soon find out what I mean (where is the big ‘curious’ smiley icon here?).

Well, I do not expect anyone to post their worries and concerns right here as a comment. I would be very happy if you told me your story, your luck and happiness, your frustration and misery. Just contact me – and I will, of course, NOT write a post about it on this blog here. Everything I read and hear I will keep strictly confidential. My word for it.

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  1. will send you a mail with more text, the two main annoying items are: finding a sponsor (enough money) and the boat insurance

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