Come On, Rainbow Pirates, Keep On Going!

The “Rainbow Pirates“ had quite a crazy day way back at the beginning of March. The result: a 2.050,- € donation! Another great step for the team of “Meer bewegen”. They can now continue their challenging task of getting disabled folks out onto the water and sailing.

"Meer bewegen" team picture swimming pool
“Meer bewegen” team picture swimming pool

“Pirate Party” sounds like a lot of fun, and it was indeed for dozens of kids and their parents. The team of “Meer bewegen” (the Rainbow Pirates) also had a couple of goals for this party day. In details:
– the happiness of and fun for all those kids having turned up (location: swimming pool)
– reach a specific donation target (location: www)
– have quite a bit of fun themselves (location: both of the above).
Success rate of those goals: 100%.

What an amazing and crazy day it had been for them! Loads of children turned up and wanted to get onto “White Pearl”, the RS Venture with sailability kit. No chance of counting the number of times the White Pearl crossed the pool (hopelessly overloaded with eager sailors-to-be). Very happy and excited faces all around encouraged everyone involved to keep going not only all day long, but rather with the entire idea and concept of “inclusive sailing”.

Donation challenge successful

An online donation challenge had also been set up in parallel, powered by “Wir bewegen SH”, with a powerful restriction: If the minimum amount is not met, then it will be a mere ‘zero’ for the entire donation campaign. For the Rainbow Pirates this meant a lot of extra pressure. In addition to handling the crowd and party animals in the swimming pool they had to motivate all visitors, contacts and friends to spread the word and get donations in.

"Meer bewegen" happy about donationA very big “DANKE” (Thank You) went out to all supporters the following day. The minimum amount had been reached, and now “Meer bewegen” will get the overall sum of 2.050,- € to spend it on boats, maintenance, events, information and running the upcoming sailing season.

Pirates glad about the donation, happy about any support coming in

It may not seem like a lot of money. For this young team, however, with their RS Venture plus three Optimists, it is a more than highly appreciated support. If you have some experience with what it means to run a sailing club, or even simply to go sailing every now and then, then you know this requires quite a bit of time and organisational skills – and money. Add the challenge of “sailing with disability” and then you can imagine what every single Euro or Dollar means to them.

At the very end, a question: Do you have any experience with sailing and disability? I’d be happy to hear your story…

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