Crashtest Dehler 31

Is fiberglass (or glass-reinforced plastic, GRP) really suited for cruising yachts? What about those submerged obstacles potentially damaging the boat beyond repair while under way? Quite a few years ago a Dehler 31 had deliberately been put in major agony, needing to cope with all sorts of floating menaces.

This video I have watched so many times already. I am still excited about the Dehler 31’s behaviour and how she handled everything thrown at her. For a brief overview, here are the film’s main characters, in order of appearance:
– Dehler 31 (protagonist, getting in trouble with all the other film characters)
– steel barrel, 200 l (1x)
– trunk (1x)
– steel platform, 1,5 t (4x)
– stone mole (yes – mole! 3x; starting at minute 4:03)
– speed: 6,5 knots.

Dehler 31 with hardly any damage despite all those crashes

Immediately afterwards the boat’s hull and keel had been checked for any damage those tests might have caused. Apart from a couple of notches on the bow section and some scrapes on the side no real damage to the hull, keel or keel-fitting could be found. The yacht was still fully seaworthy.

This video I found somewhere in the web, just after I had sailed a Dehler 31 for a week in the Danish South Sea. The Dehler 31 is a boat I will certainly have on my shortlist for the next boat purchase, sailing her was simply fantastic. Only after sailing her did I do some research and checked on yacht tests, videos, etc., and since having found this little precious video I am even more captivated by this wonderful yacht.

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