Lina And Dominik Back From Mini Fastnet

Lina Rixgens and Dominik Lenk are back from the Mini Fastnet 2015. The event did not go as planned on Dominik’s prototype 348. But especially for Lina it was a great experience indeed.

Lina on board Mini 348 (c Simon Jourdain)
Lina on board Mini 348 (c Simon Jourdain)

“This was not my last Classe Mini regatta!” Those were Lina’s final words after a recap of the Mini Fastnet 2015. After a more than exciting week in Douarnenez and racing towards the Fastnet Rock she has not been disillusioned by the not so successful finish of the regatta.

“My first impression of the Classe Mini:”, Lina writes on her website, “extremely nice and helpful sailors, “bonjour” everywhere, very easy to get talking to fellow sailors. And all of a sudden the ‘big names folks’ of sailing, so far known from pictures and reports only, are right there in front of me. They are all smiling, talking to everyone, and being ever so nice to everyone else. Unbelievable!”

Just before the Mini Fastnet

On Saturday, the day before the start of the Mini Fastnet, Lina and Dominik sailed the Prologue, a pre-regatta in the Bay of Douarnenez. This was actually the first time they set sail together – and it all went well. They were ready for the eagerly awaited start of the “real” regatta on Sunday.

Mini Fastnet 2015 for Lina and Dominik

After some urgently needed repairs they made it to the starting line in time.

On her website Lina has written a very detailed report of how the race went. She described all the ups and downs of leaving other boats behind, floating around in calms, wind going in all sorts of directions within minutes, etc.

Lina Rixgens and Dominik Lenk - Route Mini Fastnet 2015
Lina Rixgens and Dominik Lenk – Route Mini Fastnet 2015

The major setback, however, happened just 7 miles before rounding the famous (or infamous…) Fastnet Rock. Their starboard rudder got damaged. More than an hour they tried to repair it – without success. In a rather bumpy sea, with winds approximately 5 Bft., there was no way they could make it safely to the Fastnet Rock and sail 300 nm back to the finish line in regatta style. Hence the difficult and sad decision to call off the race and head back home, slowly (yellow circle on the graph).

Taking a shortcut? No, just confusing everybody!

There was also a funny side of this, at least from the perspective of someone not being involved in the race itself (i.e. me). The race organizers did not really understand Lina’s and Dominik’s radio message after they changed direction. They thought Lina and Dominik wanted to take a shortcut… Explanations followed in Douarnenez, of course.

What next? Mini Transat 2017 still the target for Lina

After her first Classe Mini regatta Lina has not been put off from her Mini Transat campaign. She is keen to get to the finish line in 2017. For that, she continues to look for a boat so she can sail and train properly and more often. She also has, by the way, “professional athlete” status. Detailed information on how to help her you can find on her support-me-site. Many thanks!

not so stressful regatta life on board Classe Mini 348
not so stressful regatta life on board Classe Mini 348 (just kidding)


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