Marcus Calling It Quits

Part-time has become fulltime, and this certainly had not been the plan. Marcus Demuth has called off his campaign for the Mini Transat 2017.

Marcus on his Classe Mini TipTop "Brooklyn Express"Marcus has very well diagnosed and dissected the underlying problems while sailing in the past couple of months. Unhappiness while being on the boat has increased steadily. Constant questions on the progress of his Mini Transat campaign made it harder instead of easier. And not feeling well at all during sailing time had been the very final decision point.

“It is all very confusing for me, I think I put myself under a lot of (un-necessary) pressure”, says Marcus. A pretty clear and obvious tone of disappointment is in his words. And, rather unhappy and sad, he has already put ‘Brooklyn Express’, his TipTop Classe Mini racer, up for sale.

After my previous article about Marcus I had already started wondering about his Mini Transat campaign and whether he might get back to some more intensive sailing. He had not sounded his usual cheerful tone – still, the news was quite surprising. Moving quickly, his TipTop on the market already, there was not even time to convince him that black is white.

Whatever you might be up to next: Good luck with your new ventures, Marcus!

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