Still Needed By Lina For Her Mini Transat Campaign

Hardly ever do I ask you to have a closer look and share articles with your friends. This post here is different, and maybe you know someone who knows someone who knows someone… Lina Rixgens is still looking for support in various areas of her Mini Transat campaign.

Lina has come a long way since her very first thoughts and ideas about participating in the Mini Transat (here is a small part of her story so far). She has, however, still quite a few tasks ahead of her. With a boat now available things have moved in the right direction. I am sure you are well aware that simply having a boat does help – but it is not everything. Lina has produced a list of things “still needed”, and if you (or a friend of a friend…) can help her and tick off one of those below it would bring her another big step closer to sailing and finishing the Mini Transat.

Please spread the word, share with your friends and make a young lady very happy… thank you!


  • car (from September 2016 to September 2017)
  • gift or bonus cards from petrol stations (operating internationally)
  • flight tickets 2016
    • 6x La Rochelle – Charleroi / Brussels (15.08., 26.09., 24.10., 07.11., 21.11.)
    • 6x Charleroi / Brussels – La Rochelle (15.07., 09.09., 21.10., 04.11., 18.11.)
  • train tickets 2016: La Rochelle – Liege (30.06.)


  • La Rochelle: 15.07.-15.08.16 (1.000nm qualifier and training)
  • Garraf/Sitges: 18.08.-03.09.16 (regatta Mare Nostrum)
  • Barcelona: 02.-10.10.16 (regatta Mini Barcelona)
  • La Rochelle: 21.-24.10.16,  04.-07.11.16,  18.-21.11.16 (training)
  • apartment in La Rochelle: February to September 2017
  • apartment in Gran Canaria (end of September till end of October 2017)

Boat equipment and other paraphernalia needed for the Mini Transat

  • multi-band radio / shortwave receiver
  • methanol for fuel cell
  • petrol / gift voucher for outboard motor
  • maintenance life raft winter 2016/2017
  • new mast (summer 2017)

Miscellaneous items

  • freeze-dried food for 25 days in 2016
  • freeze-dried food for approximately 80 days in 2017
  • power snacks for 40 days of training and regatta in 2016
  • jetboil gas cooker
  • sailing and training in La Rochelle 2016 (EUR 500,-)
  • sailing and training in La Rochelle 2017 (EUR 500,-)
  • berth in La Rochelle for 2016 and 2017
  • rack / support frame / cradle for transporting the boat back to France after the Mini Transat 2017 (needed after June 2017)
  • gift vouchers, coupons, etc., for food, drink, basics (for supermarkets operating internationally, especially in France)
  • boat transport from Martinique to France (on a cargo ship), December 2017 (EUR 5.000,-)

THANK YOU – Lina Rixgens has received help so far from…

(as of June 2016)

FT-TEC, Austria, has provided Lina with a “Personal AIS FLARE” by SEAANGEL.

Dr. Timo Spanholtz, based in Cologne, has equipped Lina with a full medical kit including instructions on how to use everything properly.

medical kit Lina Rixgens
medical kit Lina Rixgens


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