Weekend Break On Als, Denmark

beach near SkovmoseNo surprise here: I love the Northern European landscape. It is not as lush, colourful, maybe impressive as the Alps or the Mediterranean. Still, the entire North in all its scarcity is great for being outside, and the island of Als (Denmark) is no exception.

Quite a while ago I have briefly described one of my beloved quiet spots, some friends’ summer cottage in Denmark. It is located in Skovmose, a beautifully quiet location on Als. A couple of weeks ago the four of us went there for a long weekend. This brief break was so fantastic that only two days later I took the chance to go back with the girls and spend another couple of days in peace and quiet. Well, whatever you might want to call “peace and quiet” with two young girls.

Hiking on Als

hiking place/hut for staying overnightThe entire island of Als offers lots of possibilities for one-day or longer walking trips. The cool stuff about hiking in Denmark is that you find those very basic huts (or whatever they might be called) along more or less every officially marked hiking trail. No need to put up a tent, simply throw your sleeping bag in there and have a rest. Another great thing both for hiking and sailing: barbecues can also be found almost everywhere, they can be used for free and are a perfect place for getting to talk to other folks. Continue reading “Weekend Break On Als, Denmark”

Quiet Spot Danish Summer Cottage

A small island of happiness, a quiet spot, a personal retreat, a place of basic but light-hearted living: some friends’ summer cottage in Denmark.

summer_cottage_denmark_beach_skovmoseNo dishwasher, small shower, no bath, limited heating, sometimes really cold at night. That’s one side of the story. The positives, however, outweigh this many times over. Fresh air all day long, the Baltic Sea less than 100 metres away. 1.000 square metres of garden, green, flowers, trees, birds, rabbits and other wildlife. Twenty minutes before dinner you can still go for a short swim. The good night drink(s) you can have in the more than cosy wooden summer cottage, in the garden or on the beach – phew, choices to be made! Continue reading “Quiet Spot Danish Summer Cottage”

In Danish Waters With My FAM

A couple of days sailing in Denmark can make such a difference. And being on a tiny sailing boat while cruising the mighty seas of this planet automatically brings a major danger along with it: You could get addicted to this kind of sailing.

Horuphav, final preparations

Capriole had been my sailing boat (well, enlargened dinghy) for three years already before I went on this trip along the beautiful Danish island of Als, near the fjord of Flensburg. For sailing on the Baltic Sea, or rather sailing along the coasts of Germany and Denmark, Capriole was a rather tiny example of a sailing boat.

Continue reading “In Danish Waters With My FAM”